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I need a kick up the bum!!!!!

:wave_cry: Im so naughty and have no willpower!!!!!
I NEED to lose 5 stone, I WANT to lose 5 stone!! For me, for my 3yr old, for my partner, for a happier existance :cry:
I started CD SS a few weeks ago but gave up after day 3 and had some toast. I then went on 1000 plan the last week or so and have lost 5lbs which is good because I went out on my birthday and drank loads!!!
Ive decided to go back onto SS+ and have a small meal at night to keep me on the straight and narrow, I was doing well until this lunchtime when I was cooking the LO pizza and it just suddenly ended up in the mouth!!! Before I knew it I had eaten half of it :cry:
I want to do this so much, Ive been trying so hard to drink 3 litres of water a day but I just cant!!! Im just not a drinker, not even tea and coffee that much!

What I need is a good kick up the bum, some harsh words and some motivational tips to make me realise I NEED to do this!!! I can do this, I know, its just putting hunger to the back of my mind and keeping focussing on my goal

Please help me? :cry:
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Well done on hanging in there!!!............the motivation is on here so keep looking and reading about other people.........at the end of the day though it is down to you.....learn to motivate yourself. Learn from each blip, get honest with yourself and move on.

As you will see I am doing CD very imperfectly myself!!! Just don't give up :)
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Plumjuice you CAN do it. We all know it's often not easy but you have to weigh up the costs ( no pun intended). Which do you want more? A healthy body or food? Remember that food is always going to be there. It's not running away from you. You can enjoy good wholesome food in moderation your entire life after you have passed this hurdle.

I am now starting to realise that it is not necessary to eat a certain food all the time or to excess in one sitting. Yes, they are tasty but you can remain healthy if you enjoy a little now and again. Food is not running away from you.

So view this as a tool to get you to a healthy weight. The hunger will subside after a couple of days and trust me, the benefits outweigh the momentary pleasure that a bit of toast, cake etc. provides.

Start now so that you can enjoy a balanced dietary life later. The longer you leave it the harder it becomes. Just start! Stick with it. Try to just get on with it. Also, figure out other ways to occupy yourself if you get tempted. Drink water and lots of it. Force it down with each CD meal, sip it in between. Water is key.

Yes it's hard initially but it does get easier and remember that you are working towards a goal. You will get there only if you persevere. Stick with it.It works.

Remember that food does not control you.

I hope you will be ok. :hug99:
Thanks 'doingitwell' thats really helped! I think everytime I crave some food or struggle I will come on here and hope someone can give me a little push, I think having a forum like this is great and I hope to make alot of use out of it :)
Ive just hung out some gorgeous size 12 jeans that I LOVE and I really hope to be able to fit in them at the start of next year. I know for a fact that once the weight has come off, I will do everything possible to make it stay that way and not get back to the way I am now.
Im excited about losing the weight, but nervous about the journey x
S: 18st2lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 6st1lb(33.46%)
Good on you Plumjuice!!!!! That's the spirit.

Yes, this forum is brilliant. You will surely find that everyone is kind and supportive on here and they give excellent advice- so great plan! Just log on and there will be someone to spur you back onto the right track.

I don't blame you for being nervous. It'll change your life for the better and you need to gear up for that. You will do great! Just remember to keep going and never give up!



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Hi Plumjuice

doingitwell has really conveyed well just why its so important to pursue your dream of losing weight
forget about the bit of pizza, drink plenty of water and think about how great you will feel at your first official weigh-in
I so disliked week one, it can be the toughest time although I was one of the poor souls that takes a while to get into ketosis, many girls and boys don't feel hungry after a few days
Onwards and upwards - thats one of our motto's x


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You don't need harsh words at all!

So much of this diet is mental - for the first few days take it hour by hour, make sure you have plenty of distraction - good book, bath, dvd, space if you want it or company if you need it! You need to get through the first week and then honestly it does get better. Take a look at the motivational slide show on here, that really helped me as it showed me what this diet can truly do for you. Drink your water (slowly throughout the day), follow the diet to a T and you can and will lose the weight you want to. Put a chart on the fridge mapping out the days in the first 12 weeks, crossing out each day completed - I found that this really helped me and I have never used anything like that before really and if I have I have never completed it - but I still have a chart with blue crosses on the front of my fridge listing 20 weeks of CD - I keep it there to prove to myself that I did it! So get one day on there, then another and another - and it won't be long until there are more days crossed in than there are blank and that is an awesome feeling!

I have lost 6st in around 5.5 months and honestly I never thought that I could, would or should get here - but I have, and believe me if I can do it!!

Good luck and stay strong.

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