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I need major help!

Hi i am not sure if this is the best place to post this i need help to loose weight tips on what to eat what not to eat and what to do... i currently weigh 17st and my height is 5 foot 8" i know this majorly over weight and i need to act on it! Please help me!
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Danny Hi!

There are loads of different approaches out there to losing weight, the key is to choose the right one for you. You may want to start keeping a food diary, so that you can see what it is that you actually eat and drink. If you have not done so try cutting back on high fat and sugary food and if you do like the odd drink remember they are empty calories. Increasing your exercise, doing a bit more walking all helps.

Check out the boards and see what appeals.

Whatever you decide good luck!
Have you tried sites like weight loss resources or nutracheck both are calorie counting site that help with lots of aspects of a diet .You can have a free trial on both see if they suit you.I use food focus to track my cals and exercise this site is free but maybe when first starting out the other sites may offer more guidance never used them so dont know for sure.Also look on other peeps diaries as loads put on meal ideas and there daily menus .First step is find out how many cals you should be on a day many sites will do this try a few as they all differ a bit then go with the middle one lol dont forget you can earn extra cals for exersize :D
Thanks for the great advice i shall try out the site you suggested and carry water with me i generally drink water just not much i eat instead..


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Work out your BMR and how many calories you burn each day (online calculators will do this for you) The theory is if you eat 500cals less than you burn each day you'll lose 1lb a week, but because you have that bit more to lose, I'm assuming you'll be able to eat 1000cals less a day without going under your BMR (and risking health problems) so you should be able to lose 2lbs a week no problem. It'll probably be quicker the first few weeks as your body will be in a sort of shock that you've stopped feeding it as much.
Other tips- eat off a smaller plate (I use my toddlers!)
Use a food-log to see exactly WHAT you're eating (I use food focus too as its free, and you can see the fat/carb/protein content in what you're eating)
Drink lots of water- if you think you feel hungry- drink a glass of water & wait 10mins- if you're still hungry eat a small snack
Try and eat regularly- start with breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner (evening snack if you like) so that you don't end up starving and binge on cr*p
Eat as fresh as possible (no processed foods/ready meals)- this will involve a bit of time & planning but it'll be worth it?
And finally- take one day at a time! If you end up splurging one day, don't just give up? Remember that 'skinny' people occasionally eat loads and they don't suddenly blow up, so one or two incidents won't make a difference if you start afresh the next day?
Good luck?
well i know i eat alot and i have told my mum to not give me so much and if i still feel hungry ill have some water or fruit... i generally have a cheese and ham baguette at school which i am replacing with a apple and banana and a snack a jack, i drink alot of milk which i have now gone to semi skimmed. I dont do alot of exersise apart from pe 1 hour a week and possibly every now and then walking to school.


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drink more water, cut down on portion sizes and try and eat more fruit and veg. Also more exercise helps iv done this and at the moment it seems to be working.
my school unfortunately is over 10 miles away and in my current fitness state it would properly make me fall asleep in lessons :S but yes i do own a bike
if you are at regular school i.e under 16 years you'd still be growing. Maybe your G.P could give advice about safe weight loss for younger people
Well i am 15 years old and 5 foot 8 every man in my family has had a growth spirt around 16-17 of about 4-5 inches so I'm hopping i do the same and it will help with the weight loss. I have updated my diary and have lost 2lb in a day... i will be looking at it on a weekly bases from now on.
even with a terrible weekend at my dads i have still lost weight so it seems like it is working so far :)

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