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I need to vent hope you all don’t mind.

I am fed up with people telling me I do not need to lose weight. I am fed up with people who don't know their elbows from their arses telling me how I'm starving myself and that I will get ill. I am fed up with people giving me their opinions when I haven't asked for them.

I also am annoyed ( and I'm sorry if I offend anyone here) but, I wish people who work with me, who are very overweight wouldn't tell me how to diet. I am biting my lip more and more each day and soon I am going to explode and say a few things I may regret.

Grrrrrrrr and now I will breathe if anyone else needs to vent, please add your frustrations here.
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no think you said it all hun hope you feel bettter .You have the right idea get it out on here you are with peeps who understand and are going through similar things xxx
Totally agree with you Fuffa - I am fed up with people commenting on my weight/diet. Not a bad idea to start a vent thread so that we don't end up saying things we regret to people who (for the most part - there are definately also mean spiteful people) mean well. Also know what you mean about taking diet advice from other overweight people - that's one of the reasons I switched from LL as my LLC was seriously overweight.
I bumped into a friend who is on the CD - she gushed about how well I was looking and the diet is really working for me. What a load of baloney .... everyone knows you need to shed a shedload of weight before it shows on a big person. Aaaaarrrrggggg!!!!!! Just leave me alone to do it quietly my own way.


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Sorry you're having a bad time, hope venting helped!

I must admit, I don't see a problem with an overweight person knowing how to lose weight though? Maybe they don't mind being overweight themselves?

It's just the bodies not the brains that get fat!


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I think some of its jealousy that they want to lose weight but couldn't stick to what you are doing. You stick with us girl and we can all do it together. Don't think the news has helped today re buying LL off e-bay. The bit I heard made it sound as though the VLCDs are evil. GGGGGrrrrrrr
Hi toller-girl
It's not that it's the fact they're criticising how I'm not being healthy and then telling me how to do it? Seems a little hypocritical if you ask me. And more to the fact I think they should practise what they're preaching.

Sorry but in my experience it's always the rather very overweight people giving me their opinion when I haven't asked for it. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were trying to do something about their weight but fact is they aren't and stuffing themselves with cakes etc and then giving me their advice really is going to annoy me.

I really don't wish to offend anyone with what I've just said but I'm really annoyed about this.
I really know where you are coming from!
I am 5' 9 and weighed 12st 13½lbs.
When work collegues see I am dieting they harp on about the fact I don't need to lose weight etc and it makes me so cross.
If I didn't diet/control my weight I would be the size of house, trust me, I can eat some and some more!
Ok, I'm tall so the weight gains have more of an area to cover so maybe don't show as much but I still know I have gained weight and need to shift it before it gets out of hand. I don't want it to get to the stage where I have stones and stones to lose, so I have to keep an eye on it and sadly, have done all my adult life.
I also wear a uniform for work and the A line skirt is quite complimentry for my pear shaped figure....but then they don't see what is underneath it!! lol
I have kept as quiet as I can about the CD as added to the comments of not needing to lose weight, I just know I will get the 'thats unhealthy for you' ones too.

You have my sympathy!



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so many of us on here have met with this kind of criticism from loved ones/ colleagues. I work with all men and they don't ask anymore because they are far too polite but some of their wives girfriends have made comments at work do's. I have had a very overweight wife tell me the diet was dangerous and she went on for half an hour really loudly so everyone around knew my business about how I was doing myself harm. And when I dared to suggest that she should try it and maybe then she would see how great it was, she took it that I was calling her fat, and she got up and left the table. Since then relationships have been strained and quite frankly I ain't bothered! You need to grow a thicker skin on this diet!
Good luck with your journey:D

I agree I'm in the same postion although the person who is the worst is my mum! She keeps making pasta bakes and leaving them round along wit lots of other stuff and she just thinks I'm doing a normal diet if she knew I was doing cambridge she woud go mad! But the fact is I'm now probably healthier than I have ever been because I was one of these ppl who never ate breakfast have choc and crisps for lunch and munch all night on crap at least now I'm getting all my vitamins!

Just ignore them and do your own thing you are doing this for yourself not anybody else

Good luck

N xx
Hi, i understand how you feel, i went to the hospital yesterday to have a gastroscopy and couldnt wait to tell my consultant that i had lost weight being on the cambridge diet and when i saw him and told him about it he just said that its just water im losing and that its a dangerous way to lose weight, and everyone i have spoken to have said the same thing, losing weight this quickly is too dangerous and that i should stop even though i have explained about the cd they just see bad things. I know they are people who care about me but they really should have a look and read up about the diet befor critisizing it without the proper knowledge.
I am so proud that i have got past the first few days and want to jump around and tell everybody that ive lost 9lbs in 5days but i just keep quiet now.
It is very hard to stick to the diet as there is a lot of temptations out there but im totally proud of myself cos im in control of my self now.

I know how you feel...apart from it annoys when my slim, size 8/10, weighs 8 stone 12 tells me that I do not need to lose weight cos I have a nice figure..I don't understand it's like she is saying being big suits me, i'm a size 14 with big legs, and big boobs. She also says that diet's are for lazy people all you need to do is exercise...really, if only it was that simple...:mad:


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My sister is the same as you. Everybody tells her that she shouldn't worry about her weight, blah blah blah... But I am her sister, I am obese, and I know that she is right to take care of her body. Don't listen to them, listen to yourself :D
lots of people want you to stay not fat but as you are. My DH said it's like how to look good naked - you know when he does the line up of where are you in this. When you lose weight you move down the line which mean someone else moves up. Essentially when you become thinner and are no longer the fattest in your office/family someone else has to be the fattest and that's threatening.


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Essentially when you become thinner and are no longer the fattest in your office/family someone else has to be the fattest and that's threatening.

So very true.:)


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I think that people who are overweight are jealous and envious of those who have taken the LEAP in to dieting and doing something about it, speaking as one of those "overweight" people, it used to scare me when I saw people I know loosing weight sucesssfully because it only emphasised my weakness and lack of will power, now that I have taken the LEAP myself, I know that I have a long, long way to go, and yes, it annoys me when people who haven't got an ounce of fat on their bodies say they can "empathise" with me?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and people who are equally overweight, tell me the cambrigde is no good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! however, each to their own I say, whether you have 10lb or 10 stone to loose, good luck with your journey and all the best, jealousy is the manifestation of insecurity, so these people have to be pited rather than scorned x

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