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I propose a toast!

Heellloooo everyone reading this....

My name is Daisy...well screen name anyway and i am a serial dieter. In fact im going to put that into paste tense...i WAS a serial dieter. But something this weekend as clicked. I wont depress you with the story as to why...but i have realised that some people have their lives so brutally cut short and here i am wasting mine day in and day out wondering whether "my tummy is hanging out" or..."if my face is bloated" or if that person is looking at me thinking i need to lose a stone or two.

Instead im going to do a juice detox...give my body a rest from the rubbish ive put in it the last few days from binge eating ( i did a vlcd for 5 days prior) and then im going to slowly introduce really natural foods hopefully after having weaned myself off refined sugars.

Im going to stop making excuses as to why i cant go out with my friends...why i cant go on dates (yes i do this...thats how big my issue with my body is) and im going to start living. Im hoping that my stubborn stone as a result will fall off....but....if it doesnt when im eating normal healthy foods im going to do my best to come to terms with it.

Im so sick to death of losing weight- gaining weight- losing- gaining...it really is a neverending cycle for me. Im going to up my exercise as the detox tells me to do...and ive enrolled my friends to encourage me because..well lets face it its bloody hard work motivating yourself to go when all you want to do is sit in and watch hollyoaks. I just feel eating good foods rich with all the things you need to stay healthy....should motivate me to carry on losing and not fall off the wagon and stuff my mouth full of crap....like real crap...biscuits, bread, chocolate.

If anyone is feeling similar to me...bogged down by this endless pursuit of perfection and wishes to concentrate on their health and their quality of life while at the same time attempting to shift the dreaded "stubborn stone" do get in contact. Power in numbers! I would really love someone to try and embark on this journey with me- it will be an uphill struggle but worth it in the end im sure! Please let me know!(i know i know it sounded corny!)

But for now...im going to go and have another glass of champers and celebrate this potentially life changing day of my life. I want to toast all those who are trying to lose weight...all those who are losing weight....all those who intend to lose weight...and just basically everyone who needs cheering up.

Much love and hope to hear from some of you soon!x
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hey Daisy - WELCOME !!

and good luck with your weightloss plan - keep us posted !

Debz xx


Personal Trainer

Mate....you can count me in!!! ;)

Start a ticker thingy.....and lets set ourselves some realistic goals :D



is going to loose!
Hey Daisy,

You go girl! Sounds like you have given yourself a good talking to. I have been on a cycle too like you. However there was a time a few years ago where it I was at my ideal weight and I exercised regularly.....

However, I'm trying to shift about 8 kilos by Xmas half of th eight within the next 6 weeks if I can!

My goal this week is 3 ltrs of water everyday and 3 or 4 sessions at the gym (or walking).

Morning all!

Well...im still in a brilliant frame of mind. Dont like how unhealthy and heavy i currently feel and am trying to resist expecting too much weight loss too quickly. The juices that i am having are really nice actually im pleasantly surprised. I have arranged my first date since i stopped going on them when putting on weight- next week...very nervous!

Bren not very good at kilos how much is that in pounds? My aim is also christmas....well actually its the 13 of December....so have to lose i think its 22 pounds by then( i got a little shock when i got on the scales as i thought it was only a stone haha)...which is about a pound a week. Obviously id rather loose at a quicker rate but worst case.

My aim is:

3 litres of water also
Exercise 5 days a week
Sit ups daily

Let me know how your all getting on xxx
hi daisy
keep up the positive attitude. Im in a similar boat tto you in terms of im now trying to lose the final weight through healthy eating and exercise. i know that some people say that you shouldnt feel that you will only be happy when you lose the weight, but im sorry i dont agree. I know that i personally will be happier when i have lost the excess weight as it does link with other things such as confidence, self- esteem etc and although you should be able to build those without worrying about the weight - unfortunately the reality for me is that the weight is one of the major sources to all the issues!!!
hope you reach your goal.
Hi Daisy. What an inspiring post. You are right. We should get on with our lives now. I am fed up of thinking that when I'm thin I'll be able to do x y and z. I should do things NOW because I might never get the chance to otherwise and that is no way to live your life.

So, here's to ALL of us trying to do this thing called weight loss!

I will join you in your toast... butter or marmalade? :p

In seriousness, though, I feel the same way. 98% of the time I feel like losing weight is an impossible goal, but sometimes - like today, so your post is good timing! - I realise that it really is as simple as just not eating crap and doing exercise. And, yes, there are things that make it harder for me, like comfort eating and an illness that makes exercising awkward, but I can still do it. While losing so much seems impossible, if you'd asked me a few years ago then putting it on would have seemed impossible too!

I've had a good day today, eaten well and exercised, so I know I can do it - I just need to do it every day! Part of it for me is taking it hand in hand with more "self-esteem building" things, like generally taking more care of myself, trying to be more positive etc.

We can do this!
Good luck! x


is going to loose!
I love how determined we all are!!! Daisy I have about 22lbs to loose. We use metric here in Oz. I think this is about 1.25st??? Am I correct?

I've exercised 3 times this week and including later today when I go to the gym that makes 4 times!!! I'm also keeping a exercise diary on minimins to keep me motivated!

I've tried something new this week just to get me going as I have a diet which I followed last year but just couldn't stick with it, I tried for months to do it. So I've replaced 2 meals with protein shakes and dinner is a low cal meal. I'm feeling good so far and I just got to the point that I couldn't trust myself with food. I'm pretty sure it's working and giving me the boost I need. once my ticker goes down to 76cm's on the waist I plan to drop the shakes back to one a day and have 2 low cal meals. then after 2 weeks of this I will calorie count about 1100 cals give or take a day.

For me it's just about giving me a head start on the losses! I must also add that if I feel like a glass of wine or 2 over the weekend I am permitting myself that treat. Unfortunately a busy weekend with our football teams last game of the season and I've managed 4 glasses and a small chips (this was my dinner). Still this morning back on with it and I've had a protein drink and drunk about 2 ltrs of water with it just coming up to lunch time. I've got some job applications to write and then off to the gym and perhaps into the city for 2 hours of afternoon shopping!!!

How's everyone's weekend been and sorry for the long winded reply.

a small bag of chips bren is not bad as you are now back to the shakes n healthy meal again- i have had the works all weekend and been eating for 4 (at least!!!) and have woken up today (sunday) ready to get back on track!!!
Although i said in a previous post that losing the weight will make me happy - it definitely has not stopped me from doing things!! This year i failed at snowboarding but come december I want to go back and book an actual course of lessons and also did aikido but unfortunately my good old back was not having any of it and the physio told me to step away from such things - listening to him for now but going to try and get back into it maybe just once a week. I also bought a bike this year as i was convinced i was that one person in the world that had forgotten to ride a bike and it took me a month before i had the nerve to take it outside the house and i actually managed to have a wobbly ride. the exhililaration makes me feel so good and even more determined to lose the weight. plus it means i am not at home getting bored wondering what i can eat as i am a binge eater unfortunately and food is my downfall. so for me its about keeping myself busy with things so that i stay away from food.
Oh yes, if i here typing, then i cant be eating at the same time too!!! so heres to more posts on minimins!!!
good luck to you all

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