I really wanna start CD!


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Ok so since july I gave gained back all the weight and then some of what I lost in 2008 :mad:
And I have geared myself up to start the CD ss tomorrow, spoke to a local councillor just before xmas who said "Cambridge doors are closed" until the 4th but I could put my order in before and start 3rd... but I haven't been able to get hold of her (she was away for xmas)! :cry:
so I don't know what to do - I kinda prepared myself to go straight in tomorrow I cant out a bit its all or nothing to start... I just checked to packet i had stashed away from last time and all ran out in august last year so cant use them but at same time I dont want to put it off like i have been for the last six months. Do I try someone else? I feel like I'm betraying her and I've left it very late now.

yes I ramble sorry :D
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Maybe try her again in the morning ? If she said 3rd she should be expecting your call ??! If not try just having a carb free and no alcohol day to help with the de-tox?


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Hi Hun,
What a dilemma! If I was you, as you are so keen to start now I would contact another CDC and get the packs for this week. I'd be honest and tell her your CDC is away atm. This way you aren't letting her down when you don't turn up again!

I have a CDC who is great, but she often has holidays or work commitments, and I have another CDC who I go to on the odd times I have ran out and my CDC is unavailable etc.

Don't feel bad on your CDC - look at it like this - You do have to eat!!! If Tesco was shut and you had no food in, you'd go to Asda!!!

I'd give your next to nearest CDC a call in the morning and explain your situation. I hope it gets sorted hun, before your motivation to get going dies out! Best to start while the irons hot!

Hugs x x x
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Mine are out of date but I still drank them................! Haven't been ill yet!
What about drinking a couple of slim fast cans to get you in the mood and ready to start on Monday?
Hope this helps!!!
Good luck:):)


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Mine are out of date but I still drank them................! Haven't been ill yet!

hmmmm...not sure I would advise that :rolleyes:

I'm glad you aren't ill having out of date cd packs, but I'm just going off what happened to me and I was really quite poorly.

Most CDC's will take back out of date stock and replace it with in date foodpacks.

I was quite concerned when I was unwell with the out of date shakes, and was told on here by a CDC (think it was KD :confused: ) that out of date foodpacks will have lost their vitamins and minerals, which, as you know are vital on this diet :eek:

As I say, I'm pleased you are ok, but do be careful. I'd hate to think of anyone being ill like I was :jelous:

Hugs x x x


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And your packs are not just a couple of days out of date either. I wouldn't use them.

Another couple of days won't matter. But I do know how impatient we can all be.

Not long until the 4th. Why not ring the CDC that day and see what you can arrange. Or choose another CDC.

Irene xx


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I completely understand! When I was completely ready to start my packs got delivered to the wrong house and I didnt know where they were. Due to the awesome suggestion on here I decided to try a meal replacement shake for 2 of my daily meals. The American version is SlimFast. I think it helped a ton! By the time the packs were delivered, I was already through the worst of the ketosis symptoms.

Best of luck!


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Here is a post about out of date packs from CD Counsellor.


On a previous post I mentioned my concerns of the skimmed milk becoming rancid in the packs. It is the fat that becomes rancid not the skimmed milk. The discussion I had on this was over 3 years ago and for once my memory let me down.

I have just had a discussion with the head of production and clarified the issue.

Official Guidance - what happens after best before date


The vitamins and minerals start to deteriorate.
The flavour changes and will start to taste stale.
The fats, essential fats are added, sunflower oil is added, and the soya flour contains fat these are the elements that become rancid.


These become thick and all of the above apply.


Bars harden and as they have the fats added the rancid problem again arises along with the reduction in vitamins and minerals.

So advice from CD Head Office use the packs before the best before date
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thanks for all that info-- I've chucked the offenders out now. Have just 1 tetra left for today which is a week out of date cos if I don't have that, I'll be short by 1 today and I'm on day 3 and it's going really well, and I can't be hungry or I'll crumble and my appointment is 9am tomorrow, so I'm gonna have to take the riskand hope I'm not ill and then I WILL BE ABLE TO SUCCEED!!!!!
The end of day 3 is always my give up point but tomorrow I will have overcome my hurdle!
Thanks for your support!


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Emma I remember your exploding tetra too!!!!! Very bad!


LOL my kitchen stank for about 2 weeks. I'm very careful now when I purchase them! Even Simon (hb) always checks the label "not those bloody tetra's in my fridge again!" LMAO!!!

The smell and mess I could cope with tbh, but being ill really took it out of me. Wouldn't wish it on anyone!

I find all CDC's great actually as far as stock is concerned. There had been a mix up in my case from the supplier, my CDC felt awful and refunded me for that weeks purchase (bless her). It's not often mistakes happen, but they do, so just be aware! :)

Hugs x x x