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I soooo nearly did!

So last night i went into central london to meet the bf from work. We met up with some of his friends and had a few drinks. I was good and only had diet cokes, me and the bf then moved onto soho for a meal.

Well..i was a bit bad :( well i say bit, i dunno really! We went to Bodeans (bbq smoke house, fab!) and i ordered a burger, chips (small portion) and onion rings. This was around 10 at night as we'd been in the pub before hand so i was sooo hungry. :( Then we got home around midnight and i tucked into some caramel choccie :(

Today i woke up feeling so ashamed i went off plan, and honestly thought right ive ruined it im gonna go up the shop and buy some [email protected]

I stopped outside the shop and i just thought what the hell am i doing? Buying [email protected] isnt going to change how im feeling in the end, its not going to make me feel better once ive scoffed rubbish.

So i walked into the shop..and walked out with a bottle of ketchup! And im now about to make bacon sandwich (fat removed) with a dollop of ketchup for my "brunch".

Well, i feel better now ive got that off my chest! and im glad i didnt walk out the shop with a bag full of rubbish...

Really got to stop being so silly, im going to continue doing red days this week until wednesdays weigh in and reduce my syns per day to make up for yesterdays food.

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jellybeans thats brilliant go you :party0049::party0049: You didn't let your bad day turn into a bad week! Thats impressive. Well Done for getting back on the wagon after a bad day :D

And you know that you can reduce your syns to make up for yesterday :)
Thanks Sum, it felt good walking out the shop with just a bottle of ketchup lol, after your advice last week i know i can get back on track for sure as i survived last week!



Hula princess in training
Thats good to know Jellybeans - I'm doing the same myself this week as you know lol Keeping on track with minimum amounts of syns :D Good Luck Xx
It was lovely flippyoung, i finished it off with half a tub of strawberries and a muller yog. Thank you, ive had trouble in the past trying to get back on track the next day from having a bad day, something just "clicked", it can be really hard to get back on the wagon the next day.
Well done for getting back on track and not succumbing in the shop!
It's just so easy to say balls to it and just ruin a whole week. Good for you for stopping and thinking.

It sounds as if you had a really good night! So jealous - havent been out in ages! lol

Move on now.

I fancy some bacon now you've said it... i may have an all day breakfast when I settle down to watch the rugby later!! lol

Come no Wales!! lol (please dont come on here giving me abuse for that!! lol).

Have a great day everyone!
It totally is so easy to fall back into your old ways, its such a big thing for me to actually say no and to change the habit i have had all my life. I felt so happy with myself when i walked back to bf's flat with just a bottle of ketchup in my hand, sounds so silly but if anyone knows what i mean its such a big thing.

Thanks loosemyageinweight for your kind comment :)

And enjoy your breakie LV30 when you watch the rugby later!
:DWow , really well done to you , you have more willpower than I did at crimbo , i didn't pull myself up and am still working to get it back off. You should be really proud of yourself and you are definately not being silly , little things like this all come together and build our self confidence and faith that we can achieve our goals. So go and look at your bottle of ketchup and grin cos you did it!:wee:

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