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I start LL tomorrow

Hi everyone I did LL in 2006 and lost 6 stone, then fell pregnant and put it all back on, I am getting married on 30th June and need to lose weight seriously. I rejoined LL about a month ago but found it so hard, I still have about 3 weeks worth of food packs so Im starting again tomoorrow and if I succeed I will ask my counsellor if I can go back to the group. I really need lots of help and support and hope I can find that on here as I struggle between weigh ins, I really need to do this so please please if you can help me out and keep me focused
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well done

Your weight loss is excellent thank you for the support keep up the hard work you're doing fantastically
Hi Lindsey, good on you for giving it another go, you know it can be done --- post in here and come in often for all the support you need, there will always be someone around to spur you on - good luck :)


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Your weight loss is excellent thank you for the support keep up the hard work you're doing fantastically
Thanks Lindsey, believe me if I can do it... you can too :) I'm looking forward to hearing about how you are doing.... any wobbles... log on, there's usually someone here to turn to!!! It's an amazing place, even if you just want to shout from the roof top about how you've done that week!! We are all interested :D Good luck :D
Thank you all so much

Thank you all so so much you've really put a smile on my face this is what I needed and I don't know why I didnt register sooner. I'll probably be on here a lot just hope you don't get sick of me. Thank you again and I'll keep you updated.
Thank you again
LOL Lindsey don't worry about people getting sick of you - believe me they won't.

Honest just post it all - the good and the bad .... it's a brilliant support mechanism, doubt I could do this the way I do without this place.
I was supposed to start today

:wave_cry: I didnt start LL today my daughter came out in chicken pox last night and so had the worst night sleep ever very very tired so just really didnt feel strong enough to begin my LL journey, I will be starting Monday though for sure once I've caught up on my sleep, and feel a bit stronger - excuse maybe I am determined to do this though I want to look good on my wedding day and to be an active yummyish sort of mummy to Lily.


longs to be average!
I'll probably be on here a lot just hope you don't get sick of me
As no one has got sick of me yet - I think it's safe to say no one will get sick of you either.

My advice to you Lynsey is this - keep focussed on why you are doing this diet - put a picture of a wedding dress on the fridge, on the food cupboard, so everytime you feel tempted to wobble, you will get a quick reminder of why you are doing this.

If that isn't enough and before you do wobble - get on here, and one of us will be here to steer you clear, and if not, while you're here read a few posts, write some replys or pop into the arcade, before you know it a hour has passed and you've forgotten all about food.

Good luck with your successful dieting.
Thank you

Thank you guys for the support I really appreciate it! My daughter is so poorly with chicken pox so had very hard and stressful day bless her! I am starting Lighter Life tomorrow its now or never I am going to need lots of support though and will be posting on here throughout the day!
Thank you all so much already for the support
See you all tomorrow


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your gonna be fine :)
Just think of your big day :D xxxxx
Oh I remember the dreaded chicken pox - it's horrid when the little ones have them :(

Good luck for your start tomorrow - am sure you'll be fine ---- don't forget to drink plenty of water.
Just starting too

Signed on and picked up my packs to start tomorrow (8th) so just a day or two behind you. Feeling excited and a little apprehensive too! Good luck to us all ! Will try and work out how to do the blog on here - I think it may help focus my head on the task ahead (a big one in my case!).


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Hi Suffolk guy, good luck on your journey, hope it all goes well... and I'm guessing (from your user name) we are from the same area of the country :) where are you in suffolk?
Suffolkguy - good to have you on board. Being as you're one of them there men the weight will be falling off you in no time ............... I'm not jealous honest :jelous:

Seriously though, good luck with the diet and do blog/post on here to let us know how you're getting on.
Thanks for the welcome folks. Bex - I'm from Halesworth/Bungay area of Suffolk.

First day has gone fine (and still got a shake to have later!). Didn't think much of the veg soup but the thai one was fine. And 3 L water so far!


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