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I stupidly drank alcohol!!!

I major just tripped up on this diet!!!

went out last night plan was to obv drink water....but got carried away and started with vodka's!!

Im nt gunna be to hard on myself tho as nothin i can do bout it now cept make sure i stick to now and maybe dnt go out for a while lol!!

im tryin to drink my shake right now bleurghhhh lol x
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Has the vodka taken you out of ketosis or are ya ok still? I'm stayin in this arvo cos everyone is goin to the pub and I can't trust myself, major fed up cos I can't have a drink. You do right not been hard on yourself cos you can't change it, I hope you can stick to diet now for a while cos it will be worth it:fingerscrossed:
I dont no if i am i hope so i have to get some ketone sticks to test as dnt have any x

Big H

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If you drink whilst in Keytosis, you are going to do yourself some serious harm if you are not careful!
Drinking whilst in ketosis is dangerous, so if it's something that you decide to go ahead with, the safest thing is to take yourself out of ketosis beforehand.

There are lots of threads on here about why it is so dangerous. The worrying thing is that plenty of CDC's aren't aware of the very real fatalities that can occur.


please try again
Really? i had no idea.. thanks girls ill defo be more careful. x
Hi Hoping2LoseBig

Sorry to hear about your blip with the vodka. You are so close to losing your first stone; good luck with putting this behind you are carrying on with the important business of weight loss.
I had no idea until I joined this forum either. My old CDC knew I used to drink, as I drank almost every weekend and never said anything.
Ive not touched a drop since May (oh tell a lie i drank on the plane in july free champers well couldnt not have it!! lol plus was outta ketosis then)

Ive gone right off alcohol :confused:
i haven't had a drink for 13 weeks and i have been on many nights out and still partied on water.
i drank while i was on atkins and was very very ill so i know its bad news drink while in ketosis so i am not even risking it.

My CDC keeps saying just remember that when you reach your goal at christmas you can have a drink then
well i read the article n it made me worried so ive eaten some chicken n veg tonight cos i been feelin wierd all day so just incase didnt wanna risk it.

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