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I suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

I need to rant So im sorry in advance :( But i Bloody suck at this i hate myself Grrr!! I feel so guilty i just want to loose this weight :( I have lost 3.5 this week but i go and award myself with food WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it And i know its only me that can stop it please help feel like a failure :( sorry xxxx:cry:
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Never give up
No you don't suck. You're human and you had a weak moment, just like we all do. Stop now, whatever you've had, and next week you'll have another brilliant loss. Don't be so hard on yourself pookie!


Clean green leafy machine
Yes, I agree entirely with Water, Pookie - just shrug your shoulders and put it behind you, hun.
Agreed. You don't suck. Don't beat yourself up about it! It's early days and I think its hard to suddenly cut most your carbs out. Like WW says, stick with it, you'll see some excellent results and get into it. It's surprisingly addictive once you get going. Hardest step is the first step.
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Thankyou so so much everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just Hate sabotaging myself Its madness!! Yes i shall draw a line and crack on thankyou :):) xxxx


Clean green leafy machine
Hey Pookie

Just noticed, we have the same target weight - race you! :) Although I'm waaaaay behind you so think I can predict the outcome :D

to get rid of carb overload make sure you drink enough water to flush them out and eat strict induction.....1 blip isnt going to kill you! punishing yourself for a week will get you a fatter ass ;) xx
01/01/2011= 224lbs
07/01/2011=221.5lbs 3.5>:wave_cry:
Also, what's this all about! Obviously some will be water loss, but alot of ppl on other types of diet would but envious of losing 3.5lb in a month, let alone a week!! :)

You've got off to a good start! :)


Clean green leafy machine
Wow thats Cool :) Would be nice to have a buddy :) xx 31lbs is bloody brilliant xx Reckon you will be ther befor me!;) xx
Thx hun - will be fun :)

And Michael is spot on, be proud of any loss - imagine it as pound packets of butter piled up!


Never give up
Good idea Susie. Tinkerbell from the Lipotrim forum actually bought actual 2lb bags of sugar and stacked them up in her house as she lost. They must have taken up half the kitchen eventually because she did really really well.

Must go find Tink's diary. :D


This is for life
Hi pookie, I've just joined and finding it pretty tough going. Think we need to just keep going as best we can. I have to admit that i wouldnt have lasted even 3 days if we hadnt emptied the whole house of all temptation except some food in a cupboard for dd - then went shopping and loaded the fridge with stuff that's legal.

Good luck and let's agree to forgive ourselves when we surely slip up!
Pookie, we've all been there love, the trick is to reward yourself with something legal, that's what I used to do love.
Totally echo what everyone says and please try to not be so hard on yourself. This week I should be 100% but I haven;t been but I am just going with the flow atm as I know Atkins really is the way forward even if I plod :)

As someone that really struggles to lose weight and a self proclaimed expert on self sabotage ;) there are a couple of things you need to try to remind yourself.

1. You didn't get to this weight overnight, and you will have picked up the sabotage habit over a period of time. Like any bad habit, they take longer to break than form! However you will be able to break it as your confidence with food grows.

2. You have to try to not be so hard on yourself, guilt is a nightmare and it can actually lead to more eating! Just remind yourself that no one is perfect, I am sure there are very few that follow a diet 100% all the time and lose weight every week.

3. Just look at Jim - I've not seen a finer example of someone who now controls his food and rarely lets it control him (that may be an army mentality creeping in though!). He does have carby times which he plans for (does strict induction before and after) but he is in control. My aim since being here is to try to get into that similar mentality!

4. Try to work out your weakest moments - if it is after weighing, have a gorgeous legal snack waiting for you. Mine is after work, so I have mini marmite cheeses to grab - I think it was Water that mentioned that she has a bag of brazils in handbag incase of emergencies when out :) Little things like that can help a lot I think :)


Clean green leafy machine
Brilliant post, Oss - am going to print that out and keep it handy.

I also carry small bags of pork scratchings around with me, and a bottle of water.
Hello Pookie,

Please don't beat yourself up, just keep going, we're all human. Might be worth exploring (in a non-beating up sort of way) whether you might have sligohtly overdone your carbs prior to the food reward (I know when I'm at the higher end, or if I've eaten a lot of my carbs in one go I tend to get subconscious thoughts about eating naughties. Also, check you're having enough protein. I looked in the Atkins book and there was a chart saying how much protein to eat. For my height, it said 18oz per day. This was double what I had been eating for the first couple of days. Once I upped the protein I pretty much stopped thinking about food at all (and have even started leaving food on my plate - never before heard of).

Best of luck - keep going and keep coming in here and talking to everyone.