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I think this is where i belong!

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Hello Everyone! :)

I started my 'diet' yesterday and was planning on doing the Slimming world plan. But although some people were very helpful on here i just thought, that all this worrying about having syns here, and HEX's etc was just making me feel confused and guilty if i ate something! I don't want to get obsessed with thinking about food.

I was on WW for a few weeks earlier in the year and lost about 8lbs but as soon as i lost heart with counting up points i piled it all back on plus more!

Because i have psychological issues with food i.e eating when bored or depressed, or because there is something good on the tv, or just to change the way i am feeling at that moment, i felt i need to re programme my brain (and stomach!) to learn to eat healthy balanced meals, and drink plenty of water.

I plan to fill up on things like fruit and veg, using the SS idea of eating rice, pasta and potatoes as my carbs, lean meats and eggs as my proteins, and then low fat cheese, milk and yogurt for my dairy intake.

I feel i am better off just swapping high fat/cal/sugar items for low ones and make healthy home cooked meals from scratch.
Oh and i am going to try to exercise although i am suffering with a bad back at the mo, i am trying to power walk when i am out and about.

That was a bit long winded - sorry!
I have about 3st to lose and i don't really have a target date.
Just hope i can offer some support to other who are in the same boat :)
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Good luck with your diet xxx


will not be fat and 30
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Good luck.

This is the kind of healthy approach to food that I am aiming for also. I think ultimately, it should be about changing bad habits, learning about what you need and heaving a better attitude which should make for a 'lifestyle' change and not a diet. I am hoping that will make it easier to stay at a better weight instead of coming off a 'diet' and putting it all back on.
Good luck, i think your diet plan is amazing. I have the same boredom eating issues as you. We are on the same boat as well now, its my first day trying my diet as well, it sounds like yours.

ps: I lost 2 pounds in a week drinking as much water as possible everyday , it did wonders for my skin as well so make sure you drink that water x
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I think that I probably fit more into this camp too.

I have been following slimming world, but the way we (myself and my partner) describe it is that we're not on a diet, we're changing the way we eat as we want to be healthier. We've used slimming world as a guide but we don't count syns, and neither do we worry about our hex a and hex b's. We plan our menu for the week and we stick to it. Its all non fat, no sugar, we don't eat bread/biscuits/crisps/sweet things etc. I've been using the SW section of this forum for a while but have been getting a bit frustrated with peoples obsessions with syns - my attitude is, just resist it, and don't eat the things that are high in calories.

I got over weight cos I just didn't care, now I care I can quite easily manage not to eat the unhealthy rubbish that I used to eat!

As you'll see by my stats on here its obviously worked for me so far. I've lost over 2.5 stone since June, and have less than a stone to go to my target.

So, your plan sounds very sensible to me and I wish you lots of luck. :)
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Hello :) good luck with your plan, it sounds a great idea! Glad you've joined the forum its a great way to gain some extra support

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