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"I think you have lost enough now" comments


Still rockin' it
Does anyone get these? I am getting quite a few at the moment.

I recently got barked at at a party - a woman said that I was obviously starving myself and someone else chipped in that they also thought I had lost too much weight now (I am a size 14, am nearly 13 stone and have a BMI of 27.5- if I am lucky I lose 1lb a week- hardly skeletal or starving!!!!)

I just smiled and walked away- I know deep down that these people have their own body/confidence issues but that doesn't help me when I have to deal with their rudeness and personal comments

Do others get this, and how do you deal with it (I don't want to have to explain myself to them)?

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My reply to them: You Say It, I Live It, You're Jealous; Admit It :)

(A more serious reply will come later on--have to feed the kiddies)

Mrs V

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I get the same Hun. My family think that its great that I have lost over 7stone, but my parents dont want me to loose any more weight! I have another 4 stone to loose, so goodness knows what they make of that! Lol.
Just as long as you are happy and healthy thats the most important thing.

Take care.



Not evil at all
Are these women overweight themselves? They seem very jealous! Good on you for walking away from it - I would probably end up being very rude + giving them a piece of my mind!


Still rockin' it
My reply to them: You Say It, I Live It, You're Jealous; Admit It :)

(A more serious reply will come later on--have to feed the kiddies)
LOVE that- LOL. Probably would never have the guts to say it though, but it made me laugh a lot

EvilPenguin said:
Are these women overweight themselves? They seem very jealous!"

No- both skinny! Bizarre isn't it!- maybe they don't want me in their 'club'


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I just ignore those comments but then again it doesn't bother me that people comment either way.
If it was upsetting me though I might just have to think of a clever or witty reply, which in my case would take a while.
As it is I just change the subject, because I don't think I have to answer them, it's not their business as far as I'm concerned.


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This also makes me mad. I tell them that I'm still in the overweight BMI range and as my mum died from a heart attack at only 51 and with me getting near that age I am not taking any chances. That usually stops them.

People also seem to think that having loose skin is unhealthy. They often say that people who have lost a lot of weight look like they've been ill. However, loose skin has absolutey nothing to do with your health. You shouldn't stop being at a healthy weight just because you have some loose skin.


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u r doing the right thing hun just walk away.
i think people have a fear we will change if we lose weight and sometimes thats why they like us to stay the same. could try be saying it cause they think they have to starve to stay as they r


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Just ignore those people cocktailprincess, some folk just cannot give compliments but at the same time they just cant stop their tongues from moving. I was brought up with the saying that "if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all" (i think its from the bambi movie:))
I also get comments that dont help, im 5' 7" but i have a really tiny frame, i'm currently 156lbs and am a definate size 14 but i have quite a bit of fat and very little muscle. my cholesterol is too high and i need to get some weight off and eat more healthily but i am constantly bombarded with comments of "you dont need to diet ur fine as you are" and i have to admit that loads of times when i wanted to break my diet with my head in the biscuit tin, i remembered their comments and broke my diet. so i let them win really. So stick to what you're doing and ignore the comments that are not helping you to achieve your personal goal, you're doing really well and im sure you look lovely. x x x


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oh my word some people do not know when to shut up do they!!!

just ignore them, i think its better than rising to the comments....they must be jealous of you (you are a gorgeous girlie!!!) and feel their comments will ruin your excellent progress!



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I think if people are used to seeing you as you were, ie, well padded ;), then to them, you probably do look like you have lost enough weight. That said, I don't agree it gives them the right to critisise you for wanting to lose more.
You have to go with how you feel, this is a personal journey, not for others to interfer with, don't let them put you off.
You have done amazingly well so far......


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I still would like to lose just over a stone and a half - this will take me to 11 stones and at 5'7.5" it's nearer the top end of the 'healthy' BMI range.

However, my family (not husband, parents, but aunts, nan etc) are starting to comment that I look fab, but surely I don't have much more to lose, don't go too far etc, etc.

I know I look lots better (and thinner!) than I did 4 months ago, but I just ignore their comments - I know where I want to be and what will be healthy for me. If I went to the lower end of my 'healthy' BMI, I would look positively skeletal and it would be going too far!

I just think when people comment like that, they're either jealous ( I know my Aunt is!!) or they just don't want you in their club if they're already 'thin'.


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Ahahaha, skinny people feel threatened when their fat friends get skinny :p! Good on you for ignoring it! x


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I get it all the time! and this is where i find i fail at diets and life changes. i start out with good intentions and then all of sudden im flushed with compliments saying " dont be silly u dont need to lose weight" i then jack the diet in, then a week later im no happier. I find it hard to talk to people about it because they weigh alot more than me and i feel i come across as almost showing off. If u catch my drift, i feel uncomfortable saying i feel fat and over weight when clearly my friends are say 5 stone heavier.


Still rockin' it
Yeah- I just don't get how people think they have the right to comment when you are not so big. When I was larger no-one would have dreamed of making comment about my size (not people I knew anyway!) but now it is a bit of a free for all. I never told people I was on SW and never talk about it or make it obvious, but suddenly a lot of people see my weight loss as opportunity to look me up and down and have a comment (sadly 100% of these have been woman)


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People say stupid things! People comment on what I eat. Such as "oo thats very healthy" or " Why are you eating rabbit food" and it really gets annoying and if I say ooo I had a lovely chinese on the weekend I get " aren't you supposed to be on a diet" or " you wont lose weight eating like that" I just think sod them! i dont need to starve to lose weight and be healthy. You keep going untill you feel comfortable in your own skin!


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I never told people I was on SW and never talk about it or make it obvious, but suddenly a lot of people see my weight loss as opportunity to look me up and down and have a comment (sadly 100% of these have been woman)

They don't need to know, and let them look you up and down cause you look amazing! Your an inspiration to people like me and dont forget some women are horrible, judmental, catty creatures who lack self confidence! don't let the b*****ds grind you down!


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I used to get this all the time (and sometimes still do) they normally came off people that didn't really know me either, it did used to really upset me but now I just turn around & tell them I am happy now and that I am now a healthy weight.

Incidentally - the people that used to say it needed to join SW themselves!


Fighting the bulge
I have lots of different types of people -

1 best mate that felt she'd got comfortable to comment on how fat my stomach is compared to the rest of me - cheers mate! But now hardly speaks to me and doesnt like going out. Im very sure its because i use to be her fat mate. I was one of those people who girls with complexs would look at and make themselves feel better and now im getting hotter by the second they dont like it :)

I have others others that say i dont need to lose it - and i tell them that's sweet but its my choice.

and other girls i know that just give me evils and whisper! (they didnt like me much in the first place as are fans of my OH) lol

when they stare at me i know its because they hate it cuz im happy, im doing something about the one thing im easy to pick on about

i know how i feel - i know when i will be happier and i know when to stop.

Dont worry about them hun. You dont have to justify yourself to these people!