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I thought you were supposed to feel hungry on a diet???!!!

Hi Everyone:wavey:

I did Lighter Life a couple of months ago but I ended up being so ill from that (because basically you cant eat!) that I came off it after a week.
I've decided (as it's a new year and that flab is still there) to join slimming world.
Today is day 3 for me. I'm finding this so easy! I'm writing my food diary each day and filling in my exercise log.
However...I went to a restaurant today. I had a crab cake for starters (no breadcrumbs) which is free and a salmon caesar salad for main (free apart from the caesar dressing syns). I'm so full and haven't had any dinner yet!
I'm finding it hard to get my head around that I'm full to bursting but I'm meant to be losing weight? Does anyone else feel like this?
I don't want to overeat on free foods because I'd be devastated if I stayed the same or gained at my weigh in thursday. Do you think I could gain from eating too many free and superfree foods? BTW I'm doing the extra easy plan.
Thanks :)
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Definitely not....free and superfree are there for a reason, they are supposed to be filling!
I only ever feel/ felt hungry on SW when i wake up cause i LOVE my breakfast haha!!

The beauty of SW is that you have the freedom to eat all kinds of beautiful foods!


Kate x
Have faith in the plan!! It really does work, and you really can eat loads and still lose weight.

So long as you're having your 5 fruit and veg a day, you can't go wrong enjoying all the sin-free food you're allowed.

Welcome to the joys of slimming world!
Me to, but not for long as I EAT now. :) Fruit, coffee and some syns. :) And if I'm still hungry then I actually make something! :)
Pfft that wouldn't fill me, I'd have a nectarine, a banana and a pear. lol. :)

Though I'm gonna have an apple, some strawbs and a coffee with a treatsize crunchie. :)
I get hungry too at night, i usually do my exercise then which helps supress it, if not then i eat afterwards.
gone off fruit slimming world was sooo much easier in summer, strawberries £4 punnet.
gone off fruit slimming world was sooo much easier in summer, strawberries £4 punnet.
Hey, I know what you mean about price, but I get the mixed berries from Asda, approx 500g each pack, and they are 2 for 3 pounds and have strawberries in. x

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