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I wanna quit now !


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
Aaw Chick, don't be upset, and definintely don't quit. You are doing so well, and it will pass. Just think of your weigh in.
K x


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
im not even hungry i wanna eat because it will be nice ;-(
I know that feeling, but just think of the fab result you will get at your weigh in.....
I generally feel positive and I'm sure lots of others do too, but occasionally you just have a blip and completely question what you're doing.
If you're not feeling well perhaps you could lie down or have a warm drink? I want to lose about 5 stone like you. If you don't do it now, then you only have the hard work ahead of you.
I also find reading a magazine, with pics of skinny celebs and lovely clothes helps me (warning, might make some people more depressed than motivated!)
You can do it and it does get easier. I can emphasise enough how much the water helps and also how much hot drinks make you feel full.
Awww hun i know that feeling but it will pass and think how proud you will be if you dont give in to those naughty voices in your head.



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
it defo is all naughty voices coz its not hungar in the slightest .. i think its because of the diaoreha ;-( & kids meal time and the fact ive run out of chicken soup and dont see my cdc till monday if i had some chicken soup right now it wud all be ok !


Cambridge Consultant
Stick with it hon !! Dont be quitting.. your doing so well and so close to your weigh in ! its all worth it. its just your body getting used to the different things is being given.
You can do it. Stay strong its so worth it when you see the results xx
im not even hungry i wanna eat because it will be nice ;-(

Are you sure about that?

Come on Jo... no one told you this was going to be easy!!

Only you can decide on your priorities... but I'm sure that you really really wanted to be slim.
You are doing ever so well. Would be a shame to throw all your good work and dreams away over a 'something to eat' that will literally last seconds to scoff.

Shake yourself... and start looking at what you really want... I can guarentee it won't be something to eat!



Absolutely Determined!
Jo! Stop! Breathe!
Ok, let's get some perspective here... If you eat a meal, you will thoroughly enjoy it. And then, you will be as miserable as sin for the rest of the week. You don't want to quit because you are not a quitter. You want to be slim, and healthy, and happy, and comfortable in your own skin. Nothing you could put in your mouth right now would get to the root of your problems. You are in control my darling. This is your choice. Nobody said you couldn't eat..it was your choice. Nobody is saying you can't eat now..it's still your choice. But, think long and hard because deep down I know, and you know how much you want this. And you so deserve to be that person you want to be.
Go and find a mirror, now, and look into it, and tell that person who stares back at you that she is beautiful, and unique, and worthy.
You can do it honey. You know you can xxxx :hug99:


always struggling
im not even hungry i wanna eat because it will be nice ;-(

No dont do it.... you will end up like me backwards and forwards starting stopping..... its really not worth it hun and you have done so so well. Your not hungry and you WILL regret it honest believe me I know:copon:. Big hugs and stay strong xx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
aww girls THANK YOU ... my cdc just rang me too and paula thanks for your text...i have had a stressfull day and i think it all come to a head....my friend has come down to take my baby out for a walk and i have sat here and had my apple & cin porridge i have a full bully and a warm drink black coffee in me now and feel sooo much better ..

I know i cant quit... oh the mirror thing works!!..i am normally such a positive person i cant believe i got so low!! i can do this I WANT THIS SOOO MUCH .......

I cant thank you enuff for your support girls and for my cdc ringing i am so gratefull .....it does touch me how u all rally around when some one feel low ...



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