I want a pandora bracelet!


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Damn it, i wish i'd discovered this back when i first started slimmingworld. GRR! LOL im always last to jump on the latest wagon.

OH is gunna buy me one for my 18th bday, hes gunna buy the bracelet and my best friend said i can pick out a very special charm to go on it for my 18th present. so iv chosen between these two.. what do you think?

Pandora Silver / Gold - Bead 14k Zirconia 79207 PCZ | Pandora Charms

Pandora Silver / Gold -bead -14k -0.03ct 79399 DN | Pandora Charms

I love both, but cant make my mind up.

I'm going to buy the breast cancer one next time i run the race for life. and i may treat myself to one for everything i achieved in 2009. as i did so much and would like to reward myself.

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I like the second one more, although I never wear silver and gold together - just superstition!

I have a troll bead bracelet which DH bought for my 30th birthday. I have a new bead for each 'occasion', so birthdays, mothers' day, anniversary etc and I've talked him into buying me a bead for every stone I lose! He owes me one already :D

I prefer the troll beads to pandoras, but they are harder to find in shops so buy most online.


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I love the Pandora things Fern. I like both these charms but I think the first one would be my choice xx


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First one for me too!

Devon Dolce

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Hi hun, OH bought me one for my birthday with two charms on it and has promised me a new charm for each half stone I lose too! We went and got a heart one on Saturday!
I like both, but second one would be my choice! xxx


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Well I'm a pink 'girlie' Fern, so I would buy the first one, it's lovely.


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Hehe, well i figure which ever one isnt my special birthday bead, i will buy when i hit 1 year at target :) OH and best friend prefer the flowery one. . i cant make my mind up myself, i love them both!!

i dont wear silver and gold together either, but as its such a big occasion i want it to stick out!