i want food dammit


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Wine in ketosis can be very dangerous, please see the sticky thread about this!!!!!


So wine would definately be bad. Cheese has a lot of fat,... so... also bad. If you really can't control yourself go for things low fat/low carb from the SS+ plan but it's better to try and stay @ SS 100%, it will get easier I promise!

Good luck,

xx Lostris


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I know how tempeted you must be but the guilt afterwards wont be worth it. Its very dangerous to drink alcohol while in ketosis. the chicken wont knock you out of ketosis but id think long and hard..


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I know you shouldnt drink on ketosis. Gone to the supermarket and bought water and a dvd.

Might take a pill to sleep me to tomorrow. About to have a toffee walnut shake and well the restaurant doesnt close til 10 so if im not asleep by 10, then an omlette sounds like an option. grr

Jessie B

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I'm on wk 5 and have had a couple of hotel stays whilst on CD. Each time my willpower has crumbled & I have given in to temptation. Once I've started I've found it so difficult to stop - even when I got home again, so I would strongly advise you to grit your teeth & stay strong.

I feel like I'm my own worst enemy sometimes - but I'm sure you're made of stronger stuff.

Why don't you have a nice long soak in the bath & get an early night? Give yourself a treat and a reason to feel positive ...

Good luck xxx


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grit your teeth and go to bed early x


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As everyone else has said its not a good idea, just think to yourself why ya are doing this and its not long away to your first weigh in so get your mind focused on that, ya will be kicking yourself if ya do it hun and it aint worth it


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well i wavered a little.

I had some plain chicken and ham - badly some mayo and coleslaw. i was supposed to have my first weighin today but my counsellor hadnt contacted me back - so the next i can do it is wed. I think that contributed a little.

I only had 1 pack yesterday, do you think im out of ketosis? If so how do i get in fast???

I had been so good the first 6 days and only had 3 shakes.
I fully intend to do 3 today even though i have 2 more hotel stays until im home.

Would a swim, or a go on the treadmill help - the hotels all have them.

Your right as soon as i had it I regretted it. So at least it was something to learn.


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Duchess, Today is a new day!! Get back on track and don't let a little slip drag you down!
Good luck with your weigh in on Weds


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You'll be absolutely fine. Just drink 2.5 litres of water each day up to your weigh in and make sure you have 3 packs a day -- otherwise you are starving your body of nutrients! Don't worry so much about ketosis, it will come when it comes, you should only check for it first thing in the morning as I doubt you are in ketosis just after having a pack anyway because there are carbs in the packs.

Put your little blip behind you and look forward to Wed. You will have a weight loss, you haven't blown it!


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I was fine yesterday - I drink alot of water anyway - 6litres is my normal. I love water.

I had the worst work day ever and ended up pulling a 14hr shift - which i was glad off because my favourite chinese is beside my hotel and i found myself tinking - hmm maybe protien....

anyway - worked until 1am and it was closed - wohoo. Was so tired i ended up having only 2 packs.

Not hungry so im thinking im in ketoland. Just having my yummy porridge then out to work. Staying in the same place tonight so i might find it tough later - but you know what - im so happy. I love this feeling oflosing.

keep you posted. xx


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Just to say, I'm on tour at the moment, and I know how hard it is sticking to the plan.


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yup - it so is.

Ive just driven 5 hrs - and still need to do another 6 - so i nipped back to my hotel to have another porridge to keep me going.

back around midnight