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I want my hair back!


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Hi all, wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I have a bald patch at the front of my head caused by alopecia. I have had it there for about 8 years now but I really want to get rid of it. I remember seeing something advertised by Cheryl Baker for restoring hair but I can't remember what it was called. Does anyone know what it was or know of any other things I can try to make it grow back?
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I don't know anything that actually works. My little sister has it (she first got it when she was 12 and hasn't had hair since (17 years)) and wears a wig. All I do know is when it first started she had patches and they decided to try steriod injections in her head, this made all her hair fall out everywhere but it has worked for some people.

Another lady at my work has it, she also wears a wig, and has had it for thirty years. She said the only time her hair grew back was when she was pregnant but it quickly fell out after she gave birth - perhaps the hormones help? Good luck

I have that too.... very thin hair at the front of my head!!!!! It's so embarrasing... let me know if it works!!!!

Nas x


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Thanks for the advice guys. I only have one patch luckily but it is embarrassing as when I am talking to people I can see them looking at my head!


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when I am talking to people I can see them looking at my head!

aaaaaaah poke them in the eye!!!...:mad:

my son has it...in patches...but its different for a boy....he has grown attached to them....says one looks like a duck!!!

fingers crossed for ya :hug99:


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I looked up a supplier online and found a good deal for the stuff but it's still £125 and I just don't have that to spare at the moment. I will get it as soon as I can afford it as it makes me feel so ugly
I had a patch the size of a 50p in the middle of my parting ( and i have finr hair anyway so very noticeable) for about 2 years then all of a sudden this wispy baby hair started to grow and now it's back to normal. When it was baldy though i used to apply matt brown eyeshadow to it and it really did help to disguise my shiny pate. I tried EVERYTHING!! spent a small fortune on chinese remedies, regaine blah blah blah and it came back by itself. Apparently your immune system is attacking the cells in that area so maybe an increase in vitamins might help? Good luck, I remember feeling incredibly self concious x


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hello im a hair colour specialist from birmingham...you dnt say how big the bald patch is.....or if the rest of the hair has thinned.....you can actually get a special hair piece that has a really fine weave and is attatched to your own hair which you keep on for 6 wks at a time ...you wash it swim in it ect just treat it as normal..you can get it done in london.... its bonded on and wnt budge!!! they blend it really well so that it just looks like ure own!


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Wow that sounds interesting - And expensive! The patch is about the size of my palm and the rest of my hair is ok. I've always had really thick long hair and it's just this patch that drives me mad

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