I want to be half the woman !!


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I set off at 21 stone and decided to set myself the rather ambitious goal of halving my weight to 10.5 stone.
I lost almost 3 stone using prescribed meds / reducing portion size and increasing exercise, unfortunately when the meds stopped i put 6 pounds back on (i have since managed to lose 3 of them again !) I am now considering surgery options.
What i was wondering is have i set myself too high a goal - should i be setting mini goals along the way ?
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Hi Jayne,

I would like to lose about 9 stone in total!! (Ouch) but am setting goals at 2 stone intervals......That seems to be keeping me going at the mo. I have lost 9lbs so far, so still have a long way to go - but I have to keep strong!!

Good luck,
Em :)


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hello Jayne,
I have a target of 12st to lose, but can't do it if I say i've got 12st to lose! So am setting myself 1st targets to reach, much more "head friendly!"
Good luck whatever you decide, and remember you didn't put the weight on in one day, and it won't come off in one day!


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Hi jayne, oh yes, set those mini targets. I went for a stone a time.


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Hi Jayne
I have a very similar target... I started off just over 21 stone and I want to get down somewhere in the region of 10. About 150 pounds loss altogether. I've been dieting on and off since last April (I've had a lot going on) and have lost 2 stone.
I'm losing weight the slow way, by healthy eating, exercise and cognitive therapy. Setting small targets is definitely the way to go, that way you don't feel so overwhelmed.

Good luck!



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Hi Jayne. I was 21st9 when I started. First I did a calorie counting diet and lost a few stone then stalled. Then I switched to Cambridge and have lost a further 3 1/2 stone..although at the moment that's slowing down too! I'd say definitely set small targets. Each stone barrier broken feels fantastic - each half stone too!

I'm not aiming for 10 stone though. I thought I was aiming for 11,7 but lately I've realised I'll know when I get there - so I'm not setting a target anymore. I just know what change I want so I'm aiming for that.


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I like to take it 1/2 a stone at a time, it seems more achievable that way. I've also decided it doesn't matter how long it takes me, there's no race, so long as I get there in the end this time (and stay there!).


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Hi there... I have a huge amount of weight to lose, realisticaly at least mmmm 18 stone urghhhh that sounds awful.. After years of suffering with weight issues... I've been big since being a small child I had a second weight loss surgery. I had a first one 10 years ago that went wrong and led me to ten years of hell. Its 2 months since my bypass and I've lost 4 stone 3 pounds so far and feeling great for it, only another 14 left to lose. You have to do whats best for you, different things work for different people.. all I say is do your research and talk to your doctor as it is a long process and it does n't hurt to get it started, even if you don't end up having surgery.

Alia xxx


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Hi Jayne

I started Lighter life at 24 stone 4lbs in April last year and now weigh 10 and a half stone. So your goal is achieveable!
I've always struggled with my weight but found that LL is the only diet that has realy worked for me.
I know how hard it is to imagine yourself slim, I'm still adjusting to it now. But if you set your mind to it and decide the time is right, you can do it. Good luck!! xx
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Hi all I'm new etc. :)

I should be aiming for around 10st 7 for my ideal weight but my mini goal (for the last 16 years :eek:) is 16st 7 that's when I go from morbidly obese to obese. I have reached it a couple of times but unfortunately I am back at 20st 4 (.5 :p) at the mo. :sigh:


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Look at Rachels post, she has lost an amazing amount of weight. I myself have lost over 12 stone, so it is achievable. Just set yourself targets along the way. I didn't have a final target weight, just stopped when I felt I was right.


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I am going to set myself small goals, last time around I took it half a stone at a time.
This time ive set myself a mini goal of 30 lbs, will see how I do :)

Good luck x


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So how's it going Jayne?


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I have put an update on the surgery page and my blog about my first appointment at the hospital. When i got weighed there last night i was 2.2kg lighter than when i got weighed at my GP's 2 weeks ago, so thats cheered me up a bit !! (hope its not just that i was on different scales)
As i now know that i have the rest of this year ahead of me trying to lose weight "naturally" i have taken everyones advice and i have decided to set my first goal at 15 stone and set xmas as an aim date. Whilst i think that smaller goals aren't for me i know i do get excited when i get below each new stone mark, so i will continue to celebrate each one !!


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Good start then Jayne, well done.


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I'm setting small goals because I can't get my head around the fact that I've got 15 stone to lose (for me its too huge to consider).

you know what they say "slowly slowly catchy monkey"