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I want to lose weight because.......??


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thought it would be a nice idea to start a thread where everyone can list their reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Maybe when we are struggling, we can go over the thread and see if that helps

OK so my reasons are : -

* Feel confident and sexy
* Prove my whole family/few friends wrong about me "never being able to do it"
* Not be the "fat friend" any longer
* Be healthy for myself and my family
* Be able to buy clothes from Jane Norman!
* Be able to get ready to go for a night out, without changing 20times, then throwing a tantrum and end up not going!
* Not fill the whole bath :eek:
* Not have to wear sleeves even when its baking hot!

The list really goes on...but those are my main reasons :)

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because being big again affects my self esteem, because I have literally hundreds of photos of my gorgeous baby but only half a dozen with me in the frame, because I don't want to die young, because my knees and ankles hurt and on bad days I shuffle when I walk, because I can look quite attractive when I am about 12 stone and I would like to be attractive again


On A Mission!
because ive wasted my entire adult life being fat and i want to be gorgeous before i get too old
Because i want to be able to play with my one year old son without getting tired and out of breathe. And to stop having injuries all the time from being overweight..
because i want to go to "normal" shops for the first time in my adult life and buy fashionable clothes, not just whatever fits. so i can stay awake for longer, im always tired, i assume that carrying an excess of this much weight can't be helping that. so i can prove everyone wrong!
I want to lose weight to be fit and healthy and play sports like I used to, I want to paracute and bangee jump (life long dreams) i want to walk into a bar/cafe/resturant and have to think god thats chair is small or am I too big to it, i want to go on fairground rides with my daughter but most importantly I want to have another baby :)
Because I want to be a MILF lol!
Because I feel 1,000,000 times more confident when I am thinner
Because I want to walk into a shop and not feel like the sales assistants are laughing behind my back (what is SHE doing in a shop like this - jog on love)
Because I want to show my husband that I am not just the mother of his children but also a 'woman'
I could do this all day!
Because I worked so bloody hard to shift 4 stone in 2007 and I refuse to let it creep back on :sigh:
Because I want to: feel comfy in hot weather
: buy clothes because I look nice in them not simply because they're big enough for me to actually get in them
: get into a wet suit so I can body board with my children rather than staying with the bags on the beach the next time we go to Cornwall
: stop the constant pain in my knees and back
: not feel exhausted all the time
: run/jog the next Race for Life rather than stumbling around sweaty and exhausted after the first 100 yards
: be able to fit comfortably into an aeroplane set rather than squished in barely able to do the seat belt up
: live longer to be with my wonderful children and husband who loves me whatever size I am

Thanks for starting this thread - that was a really useful exercise as during the inevitable times when you lose focus and feel tempted to fall off the wagon, this will be really good to remind me what the heck I'm doing it for!
Because I want to feel good about myself and consider myself beautiful
Because I want to be able to shop in my favourite shops, and not walk out depressed
Because I want to be healthier, have fewer migraines and not feel so sluggish
where to start..........................
1. because I need to be fit and healthy to bring up my baby son
2. and because I need to have a healthy relationship with food
3. because I am so much happier and more confident when I am slimmer
4. because I would like to buy clothes in normal shops not the outsize department
5. because I want to start at a healthier weight if/when we have baby number 2 otherwise God knows where I'll end up
6.because life's too short to be unhappy
7. because ultimately it's such a little thing to sort out in the wider scheme of things yet life changing all the same (or so I found last time when I lost)
8. because I'll have more energy and feel better generally
9. because I need to break the cycle of being all good or all bad and achieve balance in this area of my life
Because my teenage daughter is struggling to like herself and I think she looks at me says Mum's overweight so I must be?

Because I found out my Boss thinks fat people are lazy ?

Because I have a disabled child and I need to ensure I am going to be fit and healthy well into old age so I can look after him.

Because I work hard as an employee, mother , auntie and daughter and I deserve something for me!
love your reasons spesh to shop in jane norman

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