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I want to start lipotrim....


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Hello everybody,

i need to lose quite a lot of weight (9st would be fantastic):eek:. i need to lose at least 5st-6st by Novemeber this year. i should be getting married if i can manage to do this. i did buy Lipotrim about about 2 years ago but had 1 shake in the morning and just felt sick, so didnt have my 2nd shake. i guess back them i wasnt motivated at all but now i am alot more motivated but don't know whether it will be enough to survive this. i see this is the only way for me to lose weight as healthy eating just doesnt work for me. i just need some support and any people that may have felt the same and now are doing well on this diet. Each and every time i just think 1 bar of choc won't hurt and ill sort myself out tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes. please help
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Hey hun,
I think you got it right when you said about motivation- this diet is all about having enough motivation and being in the right frame of mind! It is not easy but the rewards make it worthwhile. Your wedding is a massive motivational factor but it's up to you if you think you are strong enough to do it. This place is the best for support- the ups and the downs so we will all be here if you need us!
T x


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I THINK LT was the best thing I ever did. Going without food for seven weeks, WAS HARD AT TIMES BUT losing 2.stone 2lbs was fantastic, and for me it was like starting a clean slate and eating more healthier most of the time. It's a year now from coming off LT and refeed and I am 10 pounds less than when I finished. I think the secret is not seeing LT as a diet but as a way of starting afresh and not allowing the old habits to creep in afterwards. I wish you every success.


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hey hun,

first off well done for joinin the forum, this site is where u need 2 go if that chocolate bar is talkin to u. sum1 will b online to steer u in the rite direction. :)

second good 4 u 4 makin the decision 2 do lipotrim, its hard 4 the 1st wk but the results r so worth it. im on week 3 and ive lost 16lb so far!! 1stone 2lb in 2 wks. healthy eatin never did that 4 me.

this is my 3rd attempt an i can honestly say that this is the easiest by far 4 me. i just wasnt in the rite frame of mind last time an was resentful that i had to give up food etc.

but then i suddenly made the choice to start. this was on a monday an i started the next day an im sooo glad i did. already my water retention in my feet has eased an im sleepin loads better. plus the feelings i had last time r not here this time, such as feelin cold an hungry. i also av bags of energy, bonus. :D

u av 2 learn 2 ignore that voice in ur head sayin that one bar of choc wnt hurt an focus on the reason 2 do this diet. thats how i av coped an then seein my losses an the physical differences. im not sayin its easy, its not an ive struggled wiv wantin food this week but ive stuck 2 it an 2day i feel great!! :girlpower:

good luck on ur journey hun. dnt 4get this site is a diet saver so dnt hesitate 2 pop on 4 advice or just a moan. plus drink drink drink the water!! :waterbottle: :D




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Thanks soo much guys. i will be on here all the time when i go on lipotrim... i am going to start lipotrim next sat as its bank holiday and ill be at home,
lets hope i suceed, even if i lose 1 st i would be happy knowing its hapening
Hey hun - you have to want it - really want it to make this diet work. I have been a serial dieter for so long - and I have to lose about 10 or 11 stone to be healthy - so I totally understand how you're feeling. I lost 16lbs in my first week on LT and that really spurred me on to carry on to week two. And I guess every weigh in will be what pushes me on for the next week. I'm hoping that will be the same for you too.

This forum is a life (and waistline) saver. Whenever you get tempted come on here and see what people have managed to lose and be inspired. Good luck with your weight loss journey hun.



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Hi there lovely!!

Welcome to the board, you've made the first step!

Lipotrim is the most wonderful diet in the sense that you literally see the fat melt, bur it doesn't come easy... The first week is where you really new to dig deep and see yourself on your weddig day...

If you get past the first week you've cracked it!

My way of doing that is to think - it's just 7 days - if I hate it at
the end of the week I will quit and before you knownit your on your second weigh in and have lost over a stone!!

It is so so worthwhile - I did it last year and got to a size 14 - first
time since I was about 14!! Then fell pregnant and piled it all back on!

I'm back on it now about to go for my 3rd weigh in tomorrow and havnt felt better!!

Good luck with your decision and have a sneaky look at summergurl profile on here

we were on LT last year together an tanya lost 8 stone she looks fantastic an it will be a real boost for u!!

Loads of love and motivation comin ur way xxxx
Hello & Welcome Sam,

Remember to take one day at a time, and come on here especially during the first week for support.

Think of how happy you will be at your first WI, it will spur you on no end!

Good Luck
Clair x


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When I started Lipotrim first time round I was actually wretching whilst drinking the vanilla.....was so close to not continuing but did....and was pleased I did ......I lost 8 stone.
I must add the first week you are getting used to the flavours, I eventually started to actually enjoy the drinks.......YES I SAID ENJOY....lol

Good luck xx


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this is exaxctly what i needed, so much support. well im going to go on this on sat and i will let you know how i get on...

irish molly

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You have made the start by coming on here and looking for support. You will easily lose 5st by November. The first week or two is very tough but it is plain sailing after that. During the first week keep yourself very busy when others around you are eating. Drink lots and lots and lots of water. Keep sipping water throughout the day as it really helps keep you from feeling peckish. In a few weeks time you will really start to see a difference and be soooo glad you started.

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