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:( i want yummy food

Hey babes curly wurly are only 3 pp they always help my chocolate fix :) x x
That's not the case replacing High pp for low pp treats is half the battle if u never treat ur self you are goin to be more tempted to eat as time goes on x x
Your points are carefully scientifically calculated so that you can eat them and lose weight. that's the whole point of them! In fact, you can sometimes do more damage by NOT eating your points. I'm not sure if you mean you have daily or weekly points left. If it's your dailies, you should DEFINITELY eat them! If it's your weeklies, they are still there to be used if you need them, so go ahead and have a chocolate! Just choose wisely so it's something that satisfies your craving for a while :)
Yeah that's what i was going to say! If they are daily points your body won't actually be getting enough nutrients and will also think it's been starved which will then hold onto your fat and also lower your metabolism, untill you give it more food.


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Just a little offnote as well - I only ever use WW korma sauce as a 'base' for adding other herbs and spices. By itself it's horrid but once you add a little tarragon, cumin and turmeric it can taste really excellent. :D
I agree with the others - don't deprive yourself if you have the points left!! Whilst you're doing ww to lose weight remember that ultimately you'll want this to last forever and so will need to learn to allow for your cravings. I find that the ww cookie bars are fantasticly chocolatey... i tend to switch betwen those and curly wurly's or fudges lol x

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