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I was looking at the usa CD

Just to confirm the US version of Cambridge is nothing to do with the UK version of Cambridge Diet.



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Now excuse me if I'm totally off the mark here, but reading the latest Inspiration Magazine, carrying an article called 'A brief history of the Cambridge diet', I get the understanding that there was a relationship with Cambridge US. It is said Dr. Howard first launched the renamed Howard's diet (renamed to Cambridge diet) in the US in 1979 with the help of an American businessman called Jack Feather. In 1981, they launched the system of Counsellors. It does not say that this US company closed down when Dr Howard later launched CD UK. Certainly the programmes appear very similar and the American system also has SS and AAMW week system. Granted there may be slight differences in nutritional compositions, it is very plausible to me that the US CD is the same one launched by Dr. Howard in 1979/1981. It's probably that there is no business relationship between CD UK and CD US, with each manufacturing their own. I think I read somewhere else that there is another product in the US with a different name which is the exact equivalent of CD UK.

I came across a CD-US site where the programmes described have a similarity and seem to both be VLCD. Otherwise how does Bessie here explain her huge weightloss in 6 months? Cambridge > Tips, Stories and Inspiration > Success Stories

Those are my 2 cents. Correct and educate me if I'm wrong. Remember, I'm not saying it's one in the same product, but that there is a seemingly connected history (which unfortunately Inspiration Magazine does not explain further as to what happened to the US company when Dr. H launched in UK) and a striking similarity in both programmes.

And oh yes, you can't buy CD-US outside of US + Canada.
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I think you will find that there was a falling out with the American CD and they are now totally detached.

Funnily enough, although I did not realise it at the time, I was in West Middlesex Hospital when Dr Howard was there. The girl who shared my room was on water and these "weird" shakes. Little did I realise at the time, as I was thin then, that I would come to use them all these years later.


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The Cambridge Diet (UK version) is marketed in the USA as the Success Diet.

The Cambridge Diet website is for a product which is totally different to ours - with double the Carb and Protein content.

The details about the Success Diet is in the Cambridge Book 2004 0 and the links to the website -

Dr Howard's Success Diet Weight Loss Plan



Loving the Cambridge Diet
I think it is rather appropriate that the UK Cambridge Diet is marketed in the USA as The Success Diet - since that is exactly what it is - a FABULOUS SUCCESS!

Thanks Dr. Howard!


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