I was on lighter life , anyone know sure slim?

Discussion in 'All Other Diets' started by esk140, 28 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. esk140

    esk140 Member

    I cant take the packs
    I lost 6 1/2 stones
    put on 1 1/2 [ 2 years ]
    I want to lose 2 1/2
    The diet looks really good
    and I want to try to lose the weight on real food this time.
    Any ideas.
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  3. Fuffa

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    I paid the £500 a few years ago and had my blood taken etc. Was a waste of money IMO I paid all that money to be told nothing was wrong with me and to have 145gm chicken with 150gm veg Honest don't waste your money. If I can find my old diet plan they gave me I'll find it and mail to you. Oh they want you to have at least 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds grinded up with your meals per day.

    HTH Anything you need to know feel free to ask.
  4. carrot_tit

    carrot_tit Well-Known Member

    My friend said the same. All her blood tests came back negative and she was basicially told to eat healthly! You could go to your doctor and they can check whether there's any medical reason you gain weight or can't lose it and it won't cost you anything! I told me she was really hoping the Sure Slim people would come back and say we've found this and this is why you can't lose weight but the simple fact is she, like me (i'm no angel either) eats more calories than she burns. I'm afraid i may have to follow Billy Connolly's advice; "Eat less and move more"
  5. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    I nearly done that too. Glad I didn't. I was at the end of my rope and they were guaranteeing I would lose my weight in 10 months. That wasn't really very realistic though. Then I joined SW and I was glad I did! It's the only thing that has ever worked for me and it doesn't feel like a diet at all
  6. highheels

    highheels likes to post

    yes i have done it, it made me depressed, but it works, if you don't cheat, i always need smth sweet to eat on a diet and on sureslim you can't have that, at least on ll or cd the shakes and bars are sweet tasting. good luck, all the best.
  7. 10stonesize10

    10stonesize10 Member

    I love it is the best diet I have ever been on
    real food
    I think what others have said is crazy
  8. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    I don't think it's fair to say that peoples opinions are crazy. We were asked for our experiences of it and that is all we have posted. To say what we have said is crazy is like saying that WE are crazy. It is just our opinion which we are all entitled to. It's good that it is working for you, different diets suit different people
  9. magento

    magento Member

    I've done SureSlim, and it was ok, I had a weakness for carbs which I knew anyway, they bloat me up and I do put on weight if I eat too many carbs, always have done and know that is my downfall really.

    I did like the diet, didn't like my counsellor though - she very obviously had bought in to a business and had never had a weight issue in her life, and when I had a bad week she spoke to me like I was stupid or something.

    That aside, I did like the diet, the food and the recipies but I found it hard going there was too much cooking from fresh every meal and it didn't fit in with my lifestyle - I found I was skipping meals because I didn't have time to cook or didn't have the right ingredients in.

    I did like the food though, very much and it was a good diet for me, it was just too high maintenance and as I say I really didn't like the counsellor.
  10. Tazzi

    Tazzi is Special :P

    Hi Hun,

    I did sureslim and had the blood tests. My thyroid wasnt doing what it was supposed to so i was only allowed certain vegetables.

    It is a good diet......basically protein and veg. For breakfast you pretty much have plain yoghurt so if you dont like that as i dont you will have to have something else. I ended up having cheese and carrots for breakfast.

    The basics behind it are you eat with gaps of 5 hours in between....so if you work odd times or sleep in one day you have to stay up later to digest.

    There is also a lot of preparation!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you dont have time to plan everything out the day before and cook a lot...then i would give it a miss.

    Taz x

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