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I was worried I'd have to leave WW.


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Because money is so tight I was going to cancel my £19.99 monthly pass but I have opted to go for the 3 months e-source at £15. It IS a saving, a saving I desperately needed to make but it won't take affect till the middle of April as I have already been billed for my monthly pass up till 17th April so I am going to make the most of my classes/support up until then.

I hate having to tighten the purse strings but I have to - and my union membership can't be cancelled and I cannot get out of my gym membership. I have also reduced my phone tarrif from the £15 PCM option to the £5 PCM.

I am sure there are other changes I can make but I decided I can't afford to lose WW totally from my life. I need all the support I can get with helping me shift this weight.

Now, any other tips to help me lose some debt?! :D
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S: 16st4lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st1lb(0.44%)
Do you reckon? I was going to stay online mainly for recipes lol...I feel rude asking people for recipe inspiration every day!


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S: 16st4lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st1lb(0.44%)
Yeah the thought did cross my mind to get as many recipes as possible before the time runs out! Lol.

x Alex x

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i've joined ww online £30 for 3 months.......................


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if you google recipes + weight watchers there are thousands and Food.com and allrecipes.com and recipezaar all have low fat and weight watchers recipes so you dont' need esource for recipes.
YOu can also get rid of your cleaning products and use bicarb and vinegar which clean just as well for pennies. I have been making my own cleaning stuff for years. Last time I bought bicarb at chinese market I got 5 kg for £4. and 5 ltrs of white vinegar for £2. that will last me at least two years of cleaning stuff. I had to feed 4 of us and a dog for six months on £6. per week and although it was a struggle I did do it. I still use some of those strategies and you can cut down in many ways. Take care and certainly dont' worry about recipes!!
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I am doing at home using the support here, i would give it a try at home it will save you money thats for sure and you will have support every day here :)
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Thats right! Im dieting "on my own" (meal replacement) and I use this site for support its been amazing! Im on here most days and have found it very encouraging, If I ever feel like Im gonna "cheat" I just log on it works a treat ;)

I agree cancel the online membership, u can google LOADS of recipe's so ur really wasting ur money.



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I am thinking about cancelling my Monthly pass and going it alone. The only thing is the rounding up and rounding down, if I use the calculator it will do it for me but say if I have something on the morning that is 1PP then have the same thing again later how will I know if it is 1PP or 3. Im finding it hard to explain what I mean. I do all my working out on Esource I dont know how I would work it out with out it Hope you understand me.


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I am an online member and I think what I pay for it is really worth it (not that I have paid anything yet because I got cashback from quidco, but I will be happy to continue to pay £10 a month for it when my three month sis up). However, that said, if I was in debt then it might be a something I would have to sacrfice (though there are things which I would let go before it like the TV package) and do it alone.

Have you been to the moneysavingexpert.com web site for tips?

Also, have you looked into whether your Dr can refer you? I understand there is a Dr referral scheme which you can get a prescription to go for free though not all surgeries participate (mine doesn't). You can make enquiries and I think most surgeries allow you to go to the nurse for a weigh in so maybe you could do it alone with that? It's worth asking what they can offer


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I'm with the others, if you have all the available info as to your points etc then why not try going it alone? Your gp's practice nurse will probably weigh you on a regular basis which you could negotiate with her/him. But in the meantime why not see if your gp can refer you to w/w and also whilst there see if they do exercise on prescription? I'm sure you might be able to pay a fee to get out of your gym membership....

I for one keep toying with a gym but then with the kids having the wii fit and so much fun playing Just Dance with them and walking everywhere i don't know if i ever will pay for a gym...

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