I went swimming last night,what about the gym?

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  1. cddietgal

    cddietgal Full Member

    I went swimming last night and swam 50meters which I really enjoyed! However have gained 2lb this morning(I am a scale hopper unfortunatly LOL)but I know that'll just be water retention or somthing

    Whilst there I noticed the gym was really quiet at that time o night and thougt I might give it a go :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    Am I OK to do this ,would i do a quick walk on the treadmill (say 20mins) a ride on the exercise bike (again say 10-20mins) and then a go on he ski thingy(I have no idea whats its called :eek:)

    does this all sound OK and will it help with the weight loss as appose to just tonning me up?

    thanks cddietgal x
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  3. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    I quite like going to the gym - last week I did 15 mins walking, 15 mins cycling and gentle weights (plus warm up/cool down) but it was too much - felt fine that day but the next couple of days I was tired. Didn't realise that was what had made me tired so went again on Thursday and felt the same on Friday!

    I haven't been this week with the children being on 1/2 term but did go swimming yesterday with them instead. I did 14 lengths (that's a lot for me, I'm a rubbish swimmer!) and I feel fine today. My plan now is to just do the walking/cycling one day and the weights another day (with warm up/cool down) and see how it goes.

    I've stayed away from the machine that does arms and legs at the same time because I think it would wear me out altogether!!! I had a nice instructor who put together my work out and I explained to him that I was doing CD and I just wanted to build up a level of fitness so that when I'm done I can keep the weight off.
  4. weepoppet

    weepoppet Full Member

    I reintroduced exercise after 4 weeks on Cambridge and feel great. I do 40 minutes of low intesity cardio, usually cycling, cross trainer and the wave machine (like a stepper but you move side to side rather than up and down).

    I follow this with 200 crunchies, swiss ball work and some leg toning exercises but never weights, not eating enough protein and carbohydrate for that. And some days I swim for 1 hour.

    Exercise has not hindered my losses, but even if they did, I would still exercise. I would rather weigh heaver and be toned than weigh lighter and be saggy.

    Go for it, you'll feel so good afterwards. :)
  5. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    So weepoppet - you think maybe the weights could have been my problem and if I cut them out I'll be ok?
  6. weepoppet

    weepoppet Full Member

    Yes, leave off the weights for now. On SS we do not eat enough calories. Keep it gentle cardio for now but when you have completed CD and are maintaining, then introduce weights. It will help increase your metabolism again.
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  7. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    Great, thanks for that - it's good to know what the cause was, I was thinking I just wouldn't be able to do any of it at all tbh.
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