I will be slim this time next year!


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Good luck! There are plenty of threads debating the two. Personally I love sw, I tried propoints and the old one, and prefer the way I eat and lose on sw. The thing is all plans work if you follow them so just go for the one you can stick with and fit in your lifestyle most easily :)

Happy new year x


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Give yourself a physical date, if you think 'this time next year' that's what you will be working to and, unfortunately, in February you will still be thinking 'this time next year', the same in March. If you say December 2012 you have a fixed goal date.

As for choosing, they both offer fantastic plans so if you can't decide why not look at what is most convenient for you, time/place of meetings etc.

Good luck


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I am starting SW this week. I like the sound of the SW one more, rather than weighing and measuring absolutely everything.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


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i feel SW is deffo the way to go, it is so much easier to stick to as nothing is forbidden and no counting or measuring other than your HE a & b and your syns.


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Hi all back again but im determined this year is going to be my year to conquer this weight once and for all..I done it b4 and sadly its all gone back slowly so im starting again..Going to follow slimming world as I already have the books .this time next year i want to be a new me and lose at least 5 stone.. So hope you dont mind me crashing in from time to time.. good luck everyone..