I will lose the weight to be a first time mummy :-)

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  1. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Starting lipotrim again from tomorrow. I am under gynae for help / treatment as TTC. My next appt is end of October and am aiming to have lost 3.5 stones by then, fingers crossed.
    Done it before and lost 4.5st in 12 weeks. I know I can do it again. Need the strictness of this diet and the weekly weighing is like a challenge for me.
    Only thing is that am starting with TOM this time, so might not have a big loss next week!
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Good luck V!

    I am sure you will achieve the same results which were brilliant last time!
  4. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck to you. Im leaded by same motivation. Different diet but same goal and ofc much more to lose.
    Wish you could achieve your target and your dream will come true.
  5. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Good luck hun, deffo possible if u are 100% and determined :) you can do it xx
  6. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    So, I didn't start last week due to TOM on 2nd day of lipotrim and stopped until today.
    Restarted today with a better head and wanting to do this. Got 11 weeks till my gynae appointment and I want to be at least 3.5 stones lighter.
    Day 1: 1 shake down, 1.5L down.
    Hopefully ketosis won't be long :) :)
  7. lardydah

    lardydah Irregular Member

    I'm amazed you lost so much weight so much so fast the last time - wow! I'm also restarting and TTC is my main motivation so feel for you. Best of luck to you!
  8. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Thanks. I felt amazing after that but unfortunately I've pulled it all back on more. As I didn't refers properly and failed numerous attempts to get back on it.
    But now, I need to / have to lose the weight so I can be a first time mummy :)
  9. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Day 1 done and dusted. Been a very challenging and hard day.
    Wish it were week one already!!
  10. lardydah

    lardydah Irregular Member

    Well done on getting your first day done and dusted - I often find I'm on a roll once I get going.
    I'm not too familiar with Lipotrim - is it meal replacements and then adding in food? Will you stay on the shakes until the weight is all gone and then introduce healthy eatiing? I guess as you know where the issue was with refeeds last time you'll be able to maintain this time - I always think that's the hardest bit - keeping it off!
  11. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Hiya, lipotrim is a Meal replacement. 3 shakes a day and 3-4L a day. Nothing else. I will stay on this till November, so 12 weeks and refers for a month as my mum n dad are coming to see us from abroad. And she's a great cook :) Will start again once they've gone, probably refeed Christmas week and carry on for another 12 weeks if not pregnant by then.
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  12. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Day 2 and I feel sick, sick and b***** sick
  13. Marjo

    Marjo Member

    I started 4 days ago and felt awful on the second day, very dizzy, big headache, feeling sick & stomach cramps. I thought I would carry on and it has got much better. Im surprised how well it's going tbh as I'm used to constantly stuffing my face but so far so good. Give yourself a bit more time & I hope you do ok x
  14. lardydah

    lardydah Irregular Member

    I was going to say that sounds awful and maybe you should stop, but if Marjo's had the same and come through it - perhaps you just need to push through if you can and then see how you feel. I bet you can't wait to enjoy your mum's cooking at the end of it!
  15. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Been sick since yesterday :-(
    It's not for me this!! Will give slim and save another try!
    Hopefully I can go it.
  16. lardydah

    lardydah Irregular Member

    Do what you need to do to be healthy as well as lose weight. Really does sound like this isn't agreeing with you so hope the new system works! I always got recommended for IVF to eat lots of protein ( eggs for your eggs!) and dairy - not sure its IVF your having or not but protein are the building blocks of the body so always good to make sure you have an adequate supply whatever diet you end of doing. Hope your feeling loads better soon :)

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