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I will reach my ultimate goal this year! 10 stone!

Hi guys. I am currently well into reading the jason vale book 'slim for life' and I must admit so far my mentality is really changing. Im not quite there yet but i have developed a certain caution towards eating the wrong foods that revolves around the effects it will have on my health rather than my waistline! on top of that i find that if i do slip slightly i no longer gorge all around me because i am now aware of the long term effects that binge eating like this may have. as well as that because ive been eating alot of salads, fruit and veg this week i find when i do eat stuff i shouldnt, even if its just a samll amount my system quickly feels the impact. my over all aim is to build a lifestyle that involves three main meals a day with breakfast being a large veg and fruit juice/smoothie and that i cut out dairy and gluten the two things that i am allergic to and also increase my fish intake and cut out meat other than chicken.

so heres the road to a new beginning. i started on wednesday. so here has been my food diary since

wednesday 8th april

fruit and veg smootie

fruit and veg smoothie

asparagus and courgette stirfry

exercise- 45 min walk

thursday 9th april

fruit and veg smoothie

fruit and veg smoothie

banana, advocado and strawberries

exercise- 1 hour of aerobics

friday 10th april

fruit and veg smoothie


small portion of hamemade scampi and chips with a small amount of pink sauce. also bite of sisters homemade pizza. scampi was very oily and i felt sick almost immediately

exercise- nil (was nearly dead from the aerobics)

saturday 11th april

fruit and veg smoothie
2 slices of five seed bread toasted with a scraping of butter

advocado on two dark ryvita

smarties shaker (like a kinder egg with about 10 mini smarties in it)) and three small kinder bueno sweets - the headache has not proved to be worth it. dont think ill be eating my easter egg tomorrow!

lemon sole with breadcrumbs scraped off- recession and mom has a load of stuff bought in from aldi so have to use what is in the freezer before we buy more.
homemade sauce made from coconut milk, tomatoes olive oil and spices- small small amount with fish.
courgettes and broccolli to serve.

exercise - 30 minutes on bike. 15 minute walk

heading out but not drinking tonight so happy out. all in all i feel ive done well so far into the four days. its such a relief to not be beating myself up over the things i slipped on eg the toast and the choc, so i think im finally beginning to see eating for the right reasons- to survive! ive craved a huge pizza all week however when i stopped to think about do i really want to and i was surprised because i didnt. im not saying im there yet, mentally ive a long way to go but as a starting point in a lifestyle change and not a diet, im delighted.

last sunday i weighed in at around 14 stone 12lbs, now that was with my period but tomorrow ill weigh in again and hopefully we'll see a decrease!!!

much love and a very happy easter xxx
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S: 21st7lb C: 20st13lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 0st8lb(2.66%)
Best of luck with the weigh-in tommorow :D

well easter was actually a boob. i had two drinks and a pizza on sat night and felt so crap yesterday that i had another pizz(this time from aldi and 8 calories for all of pizza which is better than takeaway one. but i ate a lot of choc. not like mountains but enough all the same. the only reassuring thing is my portions are smaller and i noticed that i am developing more self control and freedom with food than before where i felt i was controlled. for brekki id a fruit and veg juice. my aim was to have a healthy salad for lunch but i was so run off my feedt that lunch didnt happen till 5 and it was 9 plain tortilla wraps (bad bad bad) with nothing on them. id aerobics at 6 and i literally ate to avoid collasping. when i got home id some lemon sole goujons buttt i cracked and had some crisps!!!! eeeek! ah well not to worry.

i lost two pounds last week so wooop.
S: 21st7lb C: 20st13lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 0st8lb(2.66%)
woop woop, well done hun. i find it helps if you plan food beforehand and somehow prepare it. like for breakfast, if you're gonna have fruit juice, prepare the fruit you're gonna juice the night before.

same with lunch/dinner. and have specific times when you decide you're gonna eat, cos otherwise you get hungry and just eat whatever's convenient at the moment (or I do, anyway).

good luck - i have about 10 stone to lose too, so i know the journey seems long sometimes, but it's all worth it :)


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