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I wish my pack would hurry up

I ordered mine yesterday so hoping it will arrive tomorrow, luckily I had some left over from my last attempt so was able to start saturday. I hope they get to you soon x
I've just emailed them as i haven't recieved an email yet to tell me its on its way (which it should be by now) and it says on there website that my order is complete. im probably just panicking lol but it always happens to me with parcels and deliverys :)
You should have an order conformation email, I can't remember whereabouts but in that email is a link to track your parcel solong as tge status is complete. I ordered mine at 10am on the Tuesday and it arrived at 1pm on the Wednesday :)
Haha sods law just got an email through it will be delivered tomorrow. As im at work all day tomorrow i dont see the point in starting tomorrow night so will start on wednesday :)

Little Picker

Wants smaller knickers!
I got an email too, saying they'll deliver tomorrow morning, but I'm working 9-1 so I'm not going to be in :( Just called them to see what I should do as there's no-one else who could take the parcel for me so I'm hoping I'll be able to pick it up from somewhere or arrange re-delivery. The email says I get a one-hour time slot but I won't find that out until tomorrow morning, but if they do that on a re-delivery it'll be no good either due to my shifts. Only got the email at 5.30pm, so no time to re-arrange, so they'll be making a wasted trip unless Exante listen to my phone message and do something about it before the morning :sigh: No telephone number to call the courier either. Grrr :(
Awww hun i hope you can sort it.
I'm lucky i live on a holiday park temporarily until my house is sold so they can just drop it in at the office :)


Bring on the trumpets
Mine should be here in about two hours.....got mine delivered to work :D I used packs from Avidlite yesterday and had a BL bar (nom nom nom). Had a cup of tea this morning with splenda (tablets)...bleugh nearly barfed...I will stick to black coffee in future.

Good luck girlies.......here's to a slimmer summer :D

Little Picker

Wants smaller knickers!
Got mine!! A lovely neighbour took it in for me and came round with it earlier this afternoon. Super, I can start tomorrow now :)

Foodjunkie, are you starting tomorrow (weds) too?
Good luck all and looking forward to hear of your progresses x
Yay mine was in the office at the Farm when I got back from work :)
I'm starting tomorrow LP can't wait I've brought some coke zero in preperation :)

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