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I wouldn't believe me either!

Hi Everyone. It's my first time to post on here and sorry it's a long one but I desperately need some advice please.

I started SW 5 weeks ago and was so happy and motivated when I lost 10lbs in my first 4 weeks,last week though I gained 2.5lbs! At the time I put this down the fact that i normally get weighed in the evening but for the 2 weeks previous i'd had to go in the mornings due to working shifts. So although I'd had a really good week sticking plan everyday and keeping a food diary,i tired to think of it as though id just maintained due to get weighed at different times. I was really upset and felt like giving up but I've stuck with it again this week,kept a food diary etc. I've weighed myself today at home (I know I probably shouldn't) and I've gained another 2lbs just since Tuesday!!!

Now if I was reading this I'd think there's no way she's really sticking to it if she's gaining weight,but I honestly am. I'm doing SW with my partner who is still steadily losing each week,and regularly gets slimmer of the week. He does most of the cooking,we have no bad stuff in the house except low syn chocolate etc. I always stay within my syn's daily,I drink 3-4 litres of water each day and normally do red days Mon-Fri and EE at the weekends.

Can anyone advise on what I might be doing wrong? I've actually spent all morning since I weighed really really upset because I want to stay on SW as I enjoy it,but there no point if I'm gaining every week.
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My weight fluctuates through the week....i weigh on Wednesday evenings and Sunday im like 2lb heavier and by the tine I weigh Wednesday im down then so that's normal plus it is true that you weigh different at different times of the day so that it prob y it showed a gain....just keep following the plan and weigh once a week the same time you'll b fine don't stress :)


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Firstly, well done on your losses so far! 10lbs in 4 weeks is excellent :)

With regard to the gain you saw this morning, don't let that discourage you. You know the plan works, you've already seen the proof so don't give up :) The first couple of months into a new way of eating can result in a few weight fluctuations as your body gets used to the new way of eating. There are also other factors that can affect what the scales say, including water retention and even atmospheric pressure! If I were you, I wouldn't weigh at home between weigh-ins. I did that a couple of times (I weigh-in on Tuesdays but sometimes have a sneaky at-home weight on Saturday or Sunday) and the times I've done that I've found that I've either been the same as when I was at weigh-in or I've lost some...then Tuesday came around and I'd actually lost 2-3lbs!

Regarding the diet, have you thought of throwing in a different day during the week rather than sticking to all red days? I prefer the red/green day plans myself to the EE but the good thing about EE is that it forces you to have 1/3 superfree at each meal. I find that my weight loss is faster when I do that than if I do a red/green day without the added superfree foods. Have you thought of sticking to the 1/3 superfree rule on red/green days too? Sometimes on a green day I can easily gorge on free pasta, potatoes etc. or on a red day just eat loads of meat, eggs etc. but don't have the amount of superfree I would on an EE day. I have to keep telling myself it's superfree for a reason as it boosts weightloss so the more you can fit in on any day the better. Is that something that you could try? You don't say how much superfree you eat each day so you might already be doing this :)

Keep at it though, you can do it! :D
Thanks for the advice so far. I always have 1/3 superfree on red days as I thought you were supposed to have that on all plans? When I gained the 2.5lbs last week I'd actually just done a full week of EE as I was on holiday from work and it was easier to stick to the same plan as my boyfriend who does EE all the time. I'm wondering now if it was too many carbs on the EE plan that's done it? But doesn't explain the gain so far this week when I'm back to red days.
Arghhh!!! So frustrating but I'm determined to try and stick with it..
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I think the best thing to do is pick a day and time to weigh in every week that suits you. If it's unrealistic that you'll be able to stick to the class that you started with, then change to one that works. When you do that for a few weeks you will start to get into a routine as your weight fluctuates throughout the week and throughout each day. A consistent time is the only way of getting a true reading. There may be times when you occasionally have to go to a different class but make sure these are rare if possible.

I would also keep a food diary, there are loads on here and they really keep people on track.
You can start in the morning or the night before with your plan for the day and then update it as you go along, there are apps available for smart phones.
This way you don't forget things you've eaten and don't have to carry a pen and piece of paper around with you.

It also allows you to go back and look at your week. For example, my weight losses are slow even though I try to mix up my meals, healthy extras etc. having looked back at my food diary, I think I'm doing too many red days so this week i'm going to try doing more EE and green mixed in with the red. Next week I'll know if that made any difference and thus will learn more about what works for me when it comes to weight loss. It also helps you go back and look at the food you ate when you had a really good loss one week so are able to emulate it another week if you need a boost.

Don't get down heartened. You have done fantastically well and will continue to do so, it's just about learning slowly about what works for you. Good luck!!xx


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I know exactly what you mean, tan. It's really disheartening, isn't it? I've done SW twice in the past and lost 3 stone both times but it did take me ages, no matter what I did. This time round it's taking a while too but, luckily I'm enjoying the meals and have rediscovered my love of cooking. What used to really wind me up though is when people said I must be slipping up somewhere, when I knew I'd stuck religiously to plan. When the consultants used to check my food diaries, they couldn't see why either. I always stick to the plan, no matter what. Like this week we had a staff buffet at work and I made a dessert that was laden with calories and that I love but I didn't touch a morsel of it - I took a yoghurt instead! There were sausage rolls, pates, dips, cheeses, etc., and I stuck to salad, ham and fresh fruit so I'd better have lost something this week! :D This time round I'm doing it myself but with the support of this amazing site. It's invaluable for recipes, tips and, above all, friendship. Fingers crossed you've lost something next you do your WI and, well done on your amazing first week.



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keep following the plan, your weight fluctuates multiple times a day every day. I can easily gain 6 lbs in the week and lose that and another 2 on WI. It's what our bodies do, so don't worry too much about it and stay off the scales before WI otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy wondering where the weight came from when you're following the plan. Don't forget it can also be things like increasing exercise and TOM.

Just keep going you know it works and it evens out in the long run. Don't become disheartened because you see a gain one week, it might mean a bigger loss the following week or two weeks down the line.


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Just wanted to add that if you put a diary on here. We could help you out. And maybe notice something you haven't
Also when you go to group stay and talk to your leader. She will be able to help and give you advice.
But put a dairy up


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Try not to weigh yourself at home if you're going to group. For one, the scales are completely different and you probably record different weights on them anyway, and more importantly weighing at different times gives very inaccurate readings. Your weight fluctuates multiple times a day due to water and various other factors. Try not to take much notice of the weight you record at home if you really can't help but step on the scales (I know how hard it is to resist!)

If you are concerned you could be doing something wrong though, I agree with the person above - put a food diary on here and we can all give you a few pointers if we spot something :)

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