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i_dream_slim weekly weigh in

Discussion in 'Exante - Weekly Weigh In' started by I_dream_slim, 2 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. I_dream_slim

    I_dream_slim Well-Known Member

    Well, I've been using exante packs and adding a meal to make this diet work for me. Had a fab first week and decided to weigh in today so this is only for 6 days!

    First weigh in and .... 12lbs down! Chuffed to bits :) The habit of having my shake first thing has been great for getting me into breakfasts and then having a salad or stirfry for lunch has proved to me how much I DONT need my daily cab fix (or binge) so working well to change my routines :)

    Looking forward to continuing next week. Historically ive got bored on everything other than lighterlife after week 2 so fingers crossed for me please!
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  3. lucyandsandy

    lucyandsandy Well-Known Member

    That is a fab loss well done! Are you have 3 or 2 packs a day with your meal?
  4. I_dream_slim

    I_dream_slim Well-Known Member

    Hey...I am having 2 or 3 depending on mood...generally 2 (which I know is a bit naughty!) but yeah, 2 and then a low carb meal. I have been aiming for around 650/700 cals a day and under 70g carbs...entering it into a diary to keep track. I have been using a bit of the slim and save ethos mixed in in terms of what drinks im allowed and also things like babybel light/atkins bars wont kick you out of ketosis you just have to be careful. Doing a bit of a mish mash as I say so not too sure im much of an advocate! xxx
  5. gina_1685

    gina_1685 Member

    Can I ask what your start weight was? I'm just waiting for my pack to arrive and would LOVE a loss like that on my first week! Xx

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