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i_dream_slim's food diary! Extra Easy Baby!

Hi all,

Thought id open a diary to record everything for myself and so that people on here can give me some pointers!!

Got up late and went out for a food shop so unfortunately missed brekkie!! ooops...will make up for it tomorrow, dont worry!!

Would be great if people could take a look!! xxx

Breakfast-nout :(

Lunch-superfree salad of lettuce, cucumber, beetroot topped with a small portion of wafer thin ham and 1/2 a pack of batchelors golden rice (free???) Definately made it so that the salad on the bottom was more han 1/3-probably over half so hoping this is right?

-Activia snack pot strawberry-can someone let me know if this is free? I looked on the label and its about the same as muller light but a pot is a smaller serving!!-is this free too then??

Dinner-spag bol

extra lean mine beef

Pineapple, melon and srawberry fruit salad

hex a-3 dairylea triangles
hex b-1 alpen light bar
-2 ryvita

---is this the right about of hex b??

syns-2 finger kit kat-5.5
parmesan cheese 1.5
highlights hot choc-2
malted milk biscuit-2
Total=11 (told to aim for 12)

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I take it you are doing extra easy? your menu looks good, I'm guilty of missing breakfast too if I'm busy! Your healthy extras look right to me.

I'm not sure about the acitivia youghurs but I'm sure someone will let you know :)
Just read that the snackpots are free except for peach? This right-how strange that the peach one isnt...they are on offer in Morrisons. Cant remember if i picked up a peach one but if i did im sure ill pursuade someone in the house to have it!!! Haha!
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Hiya-quick question before todays diary-in terms of the 3rd superfree can this be done by say following up a meal of limited superfree with a bowl of fruit salad for pudding? I guess what im saying is if most meals are a 3rd superfree and when some arent they are followed with a fruit salad or superfree snacks throughout the day will this be alright? Diary below is prime example!!

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on wholemeal nimble (hex b)
Cup of tea (hex a)

Slimming world spag bol-full of superfree tomatoes, passate, mushrooms etc

Large fruit salad-nom nom

Jacket potato
Large salad

Banana and activia fat free

Flora light-2
Salad cream light-2.5
Kit kat 5.5


Feedback appreciated please!!!!


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all looking good I dream slim, I think its ok to eat your 3rd superfree as fruit afterwards, some people say you should have your fruit before but can't remember the reason why....

just a tip about alpen light - they can make you pump really badly, lol, I used to have them all the time then switched to hifi bars from class and problems solved.

have tou been introduced to SW chips yet? they're lovely and dead easy to make, give it a go :)
Hiya kerryathome,

Im gonna buy the hifi bars and scan bran from class this week-any flavours you recommend??

Not noticed the alpen windy issue yet (ahem) but only realy having one a day atm...

Week 1 day 3
Tea with milk (hex a)
1 slice of wholemeal nimble (1/2 hex b)
Flora light (1 syn)
Baked beans

Snack alpen bar (1/2 hex b)

Larrrge superfree salad with 1/2 pk of batchelors rice and wafer thin ham
French fries (4 syns)

Slimming world spag bol (ive had a ton of this as i made loaaaads and didnt realise how much at the time-good job its free, full of superfree and generally yummy!!)

Large fruit salad + activia fat free

Evening snack
Options hot choc (2 syns)
Kit kat 5.5 syns

Total syns=12.5


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I lurve the lemon ones and the belgian chocolate ones, the mint ones and the chocolate orange ones are nive too. But I didn't like the ruby ones - not much of a fan of dried fruit.

I buy loads of scan bran too, some weeks especially if at work will have 5 a day to boost weight loss, sometimes make a scan bran cake which is nice warm with berries and fat free fromage frais :)
Defo trying the bars next week then and gonna scrounge around on here for some good recipes for scan bran, xx
Week 1 Day 4

Tea with milk (hex a)
1 slice nimble (1/2 hex b) 1 syn for flora
scrabled eggs and smoked salmon


Starbucks (!!) tomato and mozzeralla pasta salad-4.5 syns
Large filter coffee + sugar free syrup + skim milk (hex a allowance) 0 syns!!!!!!!!!!

Alpen light bar (1/2 hex b)

BBQ!!!! 3 x ww pork sausages (from 8 pk chilled) 1.5 syns (1/2 each)
Potato, carrot and red onion salad with light mayo-2 syns
Lettuce, beetroot and cold chicken legs x 2 with skin removed

Fruit salad of melon, pineapple and strawberry with 1/2 fat free yog

Snack later will be kitkat 5.5 syns

Total syns 14.5 (little higher than id have hoped but impressed stil within syns and managed to meet friends at starbucks!!!)
food diary looks good today :)

and 14.5 syns is still within your allowance and like you say you've been to starbucks and everything so good job xx
Thanks!! Yeah stil within allowance so I'm happy- have to say I'm already nervous for Wednesday's first weigh in!!!
Week 1 day 5

Interesting day today as had a thankyou coffee morning in my office. The line manager is lovely and bakes about 10 different types of cakes and buns etc and everyone has a chill out and natter!!


Breakfast-fruit tea and nothing as up late and nervous about eating a small cake lol...

1 TINY strawberry bun with fresh strawberry on top. (10 syns-this is probably a bit steep looking at syns on line but better to be safe than sorry!!!)


Ryvita and dairylea - both my hex's in one lovely go!
+ a pear on top

Late lunch
Salad of mixed leaves, home made potato salad (2syns for mayo) and chicken
Sugar free squash

Banana and a mango
Coke zero

1/2 fillet steak
Baked beans
New pots cooked then fried in fry light with salt, pepper and chilli powder making spicy fried pots-syn free!!!

Unfortunately i have no run out of fruit/veg etc and no chance to shop so lacking on the superfree today! Have tried my best to get as much as poss into me today but its definately under!! Off to the market in the morning early to pick up some fruit and veg and off to search this site now for more recipe ideas,xxx
Ooooops best add in the jubbly orange ice lolly im eating now-1 syn

So total syns = 11
ok...on my way to local market to up my superfree intake but have made the best of a bad job so far today!!

1 slice nimble (1/2 hex b)
Flora light (1 syn)
2 eggs scrambled-dash of milk (.5 syn)
2 slices bacon-all fat removed

2 scices ryvita (1/2 hex b)
3 dairylea triangles (hex a)

orange pepper
Light mayo (1 syn)
Kitkat (5.5 syns)

Dinner will be salmon and veg when i buy it.
Total syns so far=8
If you haven't got any superfree you could think about doing a green or red day cos then you don't have to have your third superfree.

Just a thought xx
Hey-CC hasnt gone over those days yet-so trying to stick with ee and see how it goes-will see what tonights weigh in holds but thanks for the tip!!!

2 ww sausages (from 8 pk 1/2 syn each)-1 syn
Baked beans
1 slice nimble (1/2 hex b)
3 types of melon fruit salad and 1/2 fat free yog

2 ryvita (1/2 hex b)
3 dairylea (hex a)

Rice, veg and salmon

Weigh in @ 5.30pm!!!!!!!!

Late meeting after weigh in and no time to cook anythign ahead so will be dipping in to syns:
French fries-4
Kit kat- 5.5

Total syns=10.5
Thanks Julia75-im realy nervous!!!!!!!

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