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IAIMTOBETHIN Food Diaries.......

Hello all - This is my Food Diary
Losses are slow, so maybe writing it down here someone can spot some howlers. If not at least i have a clear diary i can read rather than my scrawls in pens that always run out of ink!

I weigh in on Wednesday's.

Monday 15 March -

Breakfast 1 (before school run)
2 Apples

Breakfast 2 (after school run)
Sunday's Left over roast potatoes and veg, onions and mushrooms, frylight fried with Oxo Veg cube crumbled in.

Snack: 1/4 Pineapple / 1 Apple

Quorn Peppered Steak, Smash Buttery (yumyum) Baked Beans, 3 onions split into rings, egg.

Jacket Potato, Baked Beans, 42g LF Cheese (HEA1).

Evening Sofa Snacking
Scan Bran Cake Made with
Scan Bran (HEAB1)
Hot Choc Options - 2 Syns
2 Tbsp Syrup - 5 syns

4 x Ryvita (HEAB2)
2 Laughing Cow (part of HEA2) (I may not eat these!!)

2 Litres Water

SYNS for TODAY = 7
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Starting Again

Starting again, really want to loose 2 stone by Holiday on 25 August (want to loose 4 1/2 stone in total). Am doing SW from home and using Syns as per 2010 Directory.

Starting Weight 15.3. Weigh in on Wednesdays.

Sunday 6 June - Green Day

Pudding Rice, Milk (hexA) Strawberrys, 2 x boiled eggs

2 X Meat Free linconshire Sausages
Boiled potatoes, Fried Egg (frylight)
Baked Beans

Pineapple, Melon, strawbs, Muller Orange & choc sprinkles (1/2 Syn)

113g Chicken (hexB)
Roast Potatoes
Brocoli, green beans, peas, carrots
Plain Cous cous with added mixed veg & onion
4 tsp Bisto Best gravy granuals (2syns)

Severe Munchies
Pudding Rice, Milk/Water
2 Weetabix, Milk/Water (heaA)
2 x Thai Velvet Crunch (8 syns)
Batchelors Thai 98%FF noodles)
2 x Alpen light bars (6 Syns)

Total Syns 16
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Monday 7 June

Extra Easy

Stir Fried Left over veg/roast pots, onion from yesterday with
2 x Morrisons ES Sausages (1syn)
Veg Stock Cube

Salad,lettuce, toms, cucumber, beetroot
Chicken, Heinz Extra Light Salad Cream (1)
Pineapple, Muller vanila and choc sprinkles.

Red & white onion, courgette, Red pepper, mushrooms, Beef, Dried Noodles, Soy Sauce, Veg Stock cube.

Snack pack of 4 Chocolate Oreos (think 10 syns?)
Lost it.......
2 bags Velvet Crunch (8syns)
1 Choc and vanilla Tesco value Swiss roll (no idea on syns!)

Syns 20 - plus Value Swiss roll??
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Tuesday 8 June

Note to self - lay off the syns woman!!!!!
Extra Easy

Pineapple, apple, strawbs, mullerlight yogurt.

Left over Roast Pots, onions, mushrooms
2 Meat Free Lincolnshire Sausages. Oxo Veg Stock cube
Pork Steak, Scrambled eggs, Baked Beans.

Pineapple, Apple

Batchelors Beef Savoury Rice
Beef Strips
Onion, Peppers, courgette.
Worstershire Sauce
Oxo Veg Stock cube

2 x Weetabix (hexB) & Milk (hexA)
Pack of Fruitella (?? 10 Syns ??)

Syns 10
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Wednesday 9 June

Extra Easy

Breakfast (before school run)
Apple, Melon, Pineapple, banana, vanilla muller.

Breakfast - elevenses
Onions, mushrooms, bacon, 2 x morrisons sausages, eggs, beans.

Various Salad, Ham.
Heinz Extra Light Salad cream . (1/2 Syn)

Fish pie. Various fish
Potatoe, sweede topped.
Mixed veg inside, parsley
Fish stock cube.
42g LF cheese on top (hexA)
Served with loadsa baked beans

Weigh in 15.3 - sts

Big Brother Sofa Scoff
Oh Dear, too much to mention, about 50 syns

Line drawn
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Really having trouble with extra easy and must resort back to red/green. Maybe just use EE in an emergency. When on EE i seem to be even more hungry. Because of the 1/3 superfee, i tend to just go hungry and wait till my next meal as i really cant be bothered to be in the kitchen chopping veg up just beacause i want something quick as i am starving. So, stupidly instead of doing this i end up eating millions of syns instead!

Regardless though of what day i am on i constantly feel worn out and starving all day, so stray in the evening when kiddlies have gone to bed.

Thursday 10 June

Green Day

Pudding Rice
Milk (hexA)

2 egg onion omlette
21 g LF Cheese (1/2 hexA)
2 x Tesco Meat free sausages
Baked Beans
SW Chips

Grapes, melon, strawbs, pineapple
Muller yogurt.

Pasta N Sauce Lasagne
80g extra lean mince beef
Pasatta, tin toms, onions, mushrooms, peppers, garlic.
Pasta N Sauce (1/2 Syn) split between 4 of us so negliable?

Sugar free Jelly

Feel awful tonight, headache, knackered, as if these will help - not!
120g bag Giant Choc Buttons (31 1/2 syns)

BB Snacks - The plan
4 original Ryvita (hexB)
2 x Extr Light Laughing Cow (1/2 hexA)
Melon, Strawbs, pinapple, grapes
Boiled egg

Note to self - Come on girl you know u can do it, pretend there is not a shop opposite your house - close the blinds!
You don't have to eat Superfree with Snacks. And even with meals the 1/3 Superfree is ONLY a recommendation (SW have confirmed this)... so you can have a snack in between meals without eating loads of veg with it. They say your snacks should ideally be Free Foods, but its not essential.
Pinksparklybird - hi, thank you, i didnt realise that i thought it was 1/3 superfree everytime. Its moments like i have some leftover boiled tatties in the fridge that i could have eaten freely on a green day, or ham on a red day, i felt i couldnt eat unless i put the 1/3 superfree with it?? But if thats the case..... I eat loadsa fruit and veggies anyway it was the thought of adding more, just for the sake of a few bits of free food.

Onwards and upwards - today WILL be a better day!

Friday 11 June

Green Day

Pudding Rice
Milk (hexA)

2 Meat free Sausages
Buttery Smash
Dry fried onions

Spag Bol
85g mince (hexB)
Onion, mushroom, peppers, pasatta, tin toms, stock cube, garlic
42g Lf Cheese (hexA)

Curly Wurly 6.5 syns
Starburst 11 Syns

Total Syns - 17.5

Had such a bad migraine all day today, felt truly awful. Come 7pm i couldnt even speak anymore. took myself to bed straight after BB at 10pm so no sofa snacking tonight and didnt have my extra B choice either.
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Fruitella are similar to Starburst, so about 1 syn each.
You're food diaries look fine, except for the syn amounts. Try looking in the recipes section or Food Diaries to see what others are using their syns on. I see you have a sweet tooth, so what about the .5 syn roullade or maybe some 0% Total with some Skinny Cow Hot Choc mixed in (2 syns), Mini Twisters (Chocolate)- 2 syns each, Mikados (.5 syn each)- but warning on these if you have no self control :)
How have your losses been so far?
Hi Meli. Thank you for your post.

My sweet tooth re emerges as soons as i fall off the wagon - in the evening mostly. I am awaiting my delivery of scan bran (a friend who still attends SW) so i can make cakes in the evening. I keep meaning to do total and hot choc sachet thing - forgot the total AGAIN from todays shopping thats being delivered.

I joined SW mid Nov and up to mid feb i lost just under a stone and a half. From Dec to Mid feb i lost a pound. I was following SW 100% and consultant saw my diaries and said everything was ok. She was at a loss what to say to me and dreaded talking to me each time at image therapy because of my gain / sts etc. Her advice after the 6th week of all this was to relax. So i did, i quit SW and went on a bit of a bender. I didnt gain weight during this time, but felt awful eating bad food.

Since leaving SW and doing it from home i have lost 5 pounds. I need to stop faffing and get that iron willpower i had when i started back in November!!

I WILL do it! Minimins is the best forum EVER, the best recipies, people and has been a great source of info since i found it in January.

Thank u


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You WILL do it this time around! Think it's all about working out what your weakness and downfalls are and turning them around. If you seem to be picking a lot at night, best to stock up on low syn or superfree things for your sofa snacks or maybe keep some HEB's (like Alpen Lights) for then.
Hope you are feeling better today!
Saturday 12 June

Red Day

Melon, strawbs, pineapple, grapes
Smoked Salmon / bacon and scrambled eggs

SW Scotch eggs - my fave SW food!
2 WW Sausages (1 Syn), egg
Lightly dusted with Cous cous (2 syns)
Loads salad - mixed leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, onions.
Chicken breast wrapped in bacon
Extra Light salad cream (1syn)

Dinner - OH out at footy so i am gonna treat myself
Sirloin steak
197g minted new potatoes (hexb)
Garlic Mushrooms, Salad
2tbsp Ketchup (2syns?)

Sofa - The Plan
2 x Alpen lights (hexb)
2 WW sausages
3 light babybel (hexA)
Value Choc Swiss Roll (15 syns)

Total Syns - 21 Syns
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Thanks Meli. Feel soo much better today, but due to me feeling out of it and a rushed online shop last night, i booked for shopping to arrive tomorrow and not today as i usually would - felt like a right narna calling up tesco asking where it was.

Anyhoos that has allowed me to ammend order and add Total yogurt and alpen lights. Have seen my SW friend today for my scan bran and will make a cake tomorrow - way too many eggs already today.

Have enjoyed Red so far today - might struggle in the evening without my comfort pudding rice - but i have loads of fruit so will try to eat that instead. :)
Sunday 13 June

Extra Easy

Pudding rice. Milk (HexA)

Bacon, mushrooms, new potatoes, onions
Lemon Cheesecake Muller (1syn)

Pork, Potatoes
Carrot, cauliflower, brocolli, peas
5 tsp Bisto best gravy granuals. (2.5syns)
Mini Twister (2.5 syns) and oh so very nice

BB Snacks
Scan Bran Cake
5 x scan bran (hexb)
2 eggs
2 Tbsp Syrup (4.5 syns)
Options Hot Choc (2 syns)
Sugar Free Jelly (1.5 syns)

OMG i was just reading the threads and found a simple recipie for SW ice cream. Just mixing up the mixture had me salivating - yum yum i cant wait, if this turns out ok i can see this being a real winner evening indulge. Toffee Muller, FF fromage frais and options hot choc.

Total Syns 14 (without the ice cream!)
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Monday 14 June 2010

Red Day

Breakfast - Before School Run
2 apples, muller yogurt

Breakfast - after school run
2 X ww sausages (1 syn)
1 Meat free sausage
Onion / Mushrooms
2 eggs scrambles
Smidge of ketchup (1/2 syn)

Picking at left over Pork from last nights dinner before chucking rest of it in slow cooker for tonights dinner.
Pineapple, Muller yogurt

Sausage & chicken hot pot - One pot wonders book.
3 WW sausages (1.5 syns)
Left over pork from last night
Onion, peppers, carrots, pasatta, chicken bovril
227G skin on jacket potato

BB snacks
Hmm, Ice cream i made last night!!!! - (2 syns)
4 Ryvita (hexB)
2 extra light laugh Cow and 1 babybel (hexa)
Pineapple, strawbs

Total Syns 6
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Tuesday 15 June

Going out today so have planned a boring green day, mega fast food for on the run, have prepared most of it tonight.
I am finding i am having to eat very regularly as i become faint and have dizzy spells.

I cannot ever seem to fill myself up and always feel hungry and tired, despite the 2 1/2 litres of water i also drink every day.

Green Day

Pudding Rice
Milk (hexa)

Left over potatoes, veg, onions and stock cube.
Muller yogurt
Strawbs, pineapple, grapes

Late afternoon snack (when i get back)
99% FF Batchelors Thai Noodles

Jacket Potatoe and beans
42g LF cheese (hexA)

Off out tonight
4 Jackdaniels and diet coke 10 syns
Bowl of chips (12 syns??). Tbsp full fat mayo (6 syns??) and tbsp ketchup (2syns)

Home time
Alpen light x 2 (B)
Boiled egg
1/2 tbsp Extra light mayo (1/2 syn)
2 x Nimble bread (B)

aah really bad tummy ache, not used to drinking so gonna feel bad in the morning.
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Faint and Dizzy Spells- you may want to check that you are getting enough iron in your diet. Have you had blood tests done lately?
I used to get dizzy, but only on the first few days of the diet, but think it was withdrawal symptoms from caffeine.
Hi Meli, just checking out recipes thread before i go to bed.....

Am already on iron tablets, from after having my baby - 1 next month, where did that go????? Called the doctor on friday and asked about a diabetes check, she mentioned fasting and blood test, two things i cannot do. Terrified out of my skin of needles. Asked if she cant just do the finger prick test - My mum was diabetic and several other members of the family. She said blood test better result. I know i will have to go in the end, just putting off inevitable. My thinking is if i keep eating regularly blood sugar levels wont drop. Must look up diabetes in more detail.

Night all.


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I hope you work up the courage to go and get the blood tests done as they really are important and can also give you an indication as to what could be causing your dizziness.
Weigh in - lost 1 pound. Phew, especially after what i have been eating recently.

Wednesday 16 June
Feel hungover, blergh! Gonna be so hungry today.

Green Day

Pudding Rice
Milk (hexA)

3 Meat free sausages
Buttery Smash, Beans
Egg, Onion / Mushrooms
Muller light yogurt

12 Jelly babies - (12 syns!)

Freezer Chilli (hexB)
Rice & SW chips

Sofa snacks
4 ryvita (hexB) and 2 exl Laugh cow, 1 babybel (hexA)
2 apples
Pack of Aldi chewee sweets - cant find syn value (11 syns?)
2 x alpen lights (6syns)

Total syns 29
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