Extra Easy IBS and SW. Any success stories?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by toolilac, 28 May 2014.

  1. toolilac

    toolilac Active Member

    I am suffering with IBS at the moment and beginning to think SW is not a good match for me. I've stuck with it for nearly a year, but am sick of looking pregnant at work! I am not lactose or gluten intolerant, I think I just struggle with so much fruit and veg. If I lived on packets of crisps I would have a flat stomach!!! Does anyone have any good advice or positive IBS stories?

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  2. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Well-Known Member

    Have you tried red days at all? They're less carbs. Maybe also try less fruit? I've had problems in the past with eating a lot of fruit.
  3. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Active Member

    I have bid but found the opposite reaction for me with bloating but I get awful cramps and trapped wind which I take buscopan for. I agree with the above try out red/green days instead of ee or try to find if anything in particular triggers and and avoid that

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  4. RosiePops

    RosiePops Well-Known Member

    Hi toolilac
    I have been doing sw with ibs for a few months now- other than the initial usual bloating/cramps/wind that everyone seems to have in the beginning, I've been alright!
    food diaries are really helpful if you're not sure what tends to trigger your ibs- for me its usually when I've eaten a lot of meat/indulged so tend to stick to ee/green and meat is more a weekly treat. Stress is my main trigger to be honest.
    Plenty of water and peppermint tea/peppermint oil capsules with indulgent meals also help for me.
    If anything sw has helped- making more sensible choices has settled me right down.
    Hope this helps
    Rosie x
  5. Reander

    Reander Well-Known Member

    My mum joined a few weeks ago and also has IBS mainly triggered by fruits and veggies. She struggled a bit at first when she was trying to do it the proper way, but she's modified it after a chat with the consultant and is having less superfree than most on EE, but more than she was eating before she joined. I think she's not had as good losses but is still losing. I think she mentioned something about charcoal tablets for bloating?

    Hope you find something that works!

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