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IBS or Gallstones?

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Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any experience of the above?

My doctor has diagnosed me with IBS following several episodes of really bad stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhea, which then leave me with a horrible pain in my right hand side (a bit like a stitch type pain but a lot worse, and constant). He's given me a tablet called Mebeverine which I can't overly tell is working.

I've had what I would call 'anxious tummies' in the past whenever I've had to deal with a stressful situation but that has eased recently, and since I've started SW properly, everything has been pretty 'regular' in the number 2 department (sorry for the TMI!)

I keep getting these nasty episodes of hours of stomach cramps and constipation followed by on/off diarrhea and then the pain in my side and after speaking with a few friends who have had gallbladder problems, I'm wondering if perhaps its not IBS but a gall bladder problem instead.

This latest episode came within a few hours of eating a bacon sandwich which I thought OH had grilled, on first bite I discovered he'd fried it, in oil, but it was so yummy I just kept on eating! Apparently oil is the worst trigger for gall bladder problems.

Just wondering if anyone could help me as when I mentioned it to the GP, he said he was sure it was more likely to be IBS.
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I've had my gallbladder removed a few years ago due to being hospitalised with pain several times. I didn't actually have stones but it wasn't working properly so a surgeon whipped it out!

I also have ongoing IBS and have had for 10 or so years.

I would say your GP is right in saying IBS as the symptoms you have described are classic, especially the erracticness (is that a word?) and the nervous tummy.

Gallbladder dysfunction tends to exhibit with upper right hand pain that comes from beneath the ribs and radiates around to the back. Also you tend to vomit repeatedly during bad episodes. Diarrhoea and constipation aren't generally associated with either gallstones or dysfunction.

The only way I can describe gallstone pain is like a hot burning constant toothache type pain that doesn't ease off. A lot of women actually say it is worse than labour!

As for oil triggering episodes I would say this is probably linked to you starting SW and now becoming more sensitive to it, thus it literally goes through you!

Good luck and if you want to ask anything feel free - I've been in hospital a lot and I'm an ex-medic so will try and help :)
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My sister used to suffer badly with IBS & found tomatoes were the cause.

Have you tried keeping a food diary & noting when you have the symptoms.

Otherwise I find Aloe Vera tablets are brill for degestion & seem to be a 'cure all' for constipation, diarrhea and OH takes them for heartburn.


Wishing and hoping!
I suffer from IBS and have similar sympotms to what you have said. Although I am constantly taking medication (Lactose) to help as I have most of my life suffered with constipation. Due to having anxities associated with my Autism their tends to be a link with IBS and the condition!
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I suffered really badly with gallstones for almost 2 years as when i was booked into have my gallbladder removed i found out i was pregnant so had to wait another year before they could be removed. I never had the problem with my bowels but the pain from the gallstones is something i will never forget, it is the most horrendous pain i have ever felt and thats after 3 kids...i am one of the woman that would defiantely rather labour!! The pain was always in the same place, right under my ribs and the first couple of times i got it i honestly thought i was having a heart attack, it scared the life outta me. The pain usually came on in the middle of the night or late evening (after an evening meal) and if i had anything cooked in oil..butter or if i had cheese it always made it worse.

I had my gallbladder removed in march and im still getting the pain now :( not as often or quite as bad but still there never the less and its looking like another op :(

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