Icemoose TV Show 2nd January 07

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Not sure if this has been posted before.

Just to let you all know that Icemoose will be on a TV show scheduled for Jan 2nd.

The programme is called Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway! Please all watch!

I believe its on ITV.

Tuesday ITV at 8:00pm :)

I'll be in hospital that day, but should be home to watch :cool:
Hey Mike are you gonna tell us the result or do we have to wait and see :D
Maybe he has won a fortune and that's why he hasn't replied - he is off sunning himself on some gorgeous white sandy beach.

Good luck to him if he has!!!
i've set an alarm on my phone to remind me to turn to ITV....currently only got it through the add a channel on SKY, for some reason, they won't give us ITV in Ireland, they only gave us Channel4 a few weeks back, which is mad cuz we have all channels just using a simple aerial on the roof never mind satellite LOL....

We know how to cheat the system here in Ireland, so eventually they'll give it to us legitimately and I'll be able to add it to my favourites ha ha

Cheers Caz
Hiya and thanks.

Not allowed to say what the result was yet but will be on Tuesday night.

Then i can tell you all the full story after that!!

Ooooh look forward to watching it Mike!!

Tuesday 2nd at 8pm hope that's right, it's on the calender now haha!
:mad: Oh Ice - what rotten sods!:mad:

(Still waiting to see those Gold Speedos!):rolleyes:
There is more to the story but I can't say for a month what it is as I had to sign a contract!

Remind me on February 2nd to tell you the rest of it!