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Ideas for potatoes x 100,000,000

Why not make and parboil a load of chips? You can freeze them and then you have half the work done for you next time you want chips for tea!

You can make mash and freeze it too.

Cheese, potato and tomato pie?

I lurve spuds!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Boil, mash and mix with sweetcorn, peas and a bit of seasoning, make into patties and freeze.
Fry in frylite when you want to defrost them...delicous!

Grate them and squeeze all the juice out...squash into the bottom of a frying pan, fry in frylight with some salt and pepper, top with cheese, bacon and grill....delicous!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
You could also make the syn free crisps....absolutely delicious.
Slice thinly and place on an oven proof plate, spray a little frylight and put on full power in microwave for 30 seconds or until brown..take out, leave to cool and sprinkle salt over them....gorgeous!
mmmmmmm these are some good ideas!! Wish I had found a surprise bag of spuds lurking in the cupboard.

Mrs V - It's no surprise you have lost so much weight when you always have great ideas for meals and really mix it up. Good on you :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Thanks Hun...I would get really bored if I had to eat the same things all the time...I get my advice and ideas from the lovely people here!!!
Think I will make lots of chips tonight, and have some with sausage casserole and freeze some parboiled ones.

And grate some ready to make the grated potato and bacon thing for everyone breakfast tomorrow.

And finally, some crisps to nibble tonight.



Mad old Bat with Attitude
There was a nice Pan Haggerty in the May/June mag.
I often cook a whole load of salad potatoes and either have them cold in a potato salad, or saute them in frylight, or slice them for a spanish omelette.
right, can someone tell me the crisp recipe again in words of one syllabel please? I did them for 4 minutes on high and they still weren't brown.

single layer, no overlap, 900w microwave.

Trinity, I had the same problem too. Mine only work once they are in at least 10 minutes, I use a v slicer and they are wafer thin and the microwave is 800w but they still don't want to crisp, so by the time I am cooking the second lot, I have eaten the first lot as they take sooooo long, but worth it, they taste like kettle crisps!
right, can someone tell me the crisp recipe again in words of one syllabel please? I did them for 4 minutes on high and they still weren't brown.

single layer, no overlap, 900w microwave.

I had this problem so after the microwave, i put them on a baking tray and under the grill on high for 2 or 3 minutes and they come out really crispy like proper crisps! :)
Only just thought to come back and look at the answers - thanks ladies. I wondered about doing them in the oven.

Will try again this weekend.


Nojo on the YoYo
I'm gonna make crisps tonight, OH is renting a movie and he's gonna have Pringles. I'm gonna have NoSyn-gles. :D
i tried to do some crisps in the oven but they did not turn out well at all.

Either too hard to eat or the bigger ones were soggy in the middle. Maybe i had the oven on the wrong setting?

will try the microwave tonight though so thank you for the idea!


Desperate to be slim!
When you grate potatoes, they soon go black because of the starch in them.
Maybe doing them the night before might not work too well because of that.
I would also make a big batch of mash, and freeze it in individual/family portions. Then it can be used for a quick alternative to instant mash when you're in a hurry.

Emma xXx
My MIL had the same problem with the crisps as her microwave wasnt powerful enough, so she did them under the grill instead.
Im making some this evening for me and LO and cant wait!

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