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Ideas for vege gel please :D

Thanks. I have tried looking at that site already, there isn't much more information on there than the packet.
They both say this
"It is an excellent vegetarian alternative to Gelatine but it's usage is slightly different therefore it cannot be directly substituted and it may be necessary to adapt your recipe. Detailed instructions are given on the pack."
I didn't see any intructions on my packet :(

So if anyone has any ideas, perhaps you could share :)

Edited to add- It also says this "For best results substitute low fat alternatives for some of the high fat ingredients in your recipes e.g. fromage frais in place of cream."
Jelly sweets

1/2 pint of your favourite diluted sugar free squash or pop

1 sachet vege-gel

mix vege-gel into cold liquid, heat until boiling point and pour into ice cube trays, leave to set for 1 hour.

I've JUST made these, they are cooling as I type so I'm not sure if I've added enough vege-gel to achieve a gummi bear effect, but more can be added next time if the set is too soft.

Hope this helps! ;)
:eek: I love jelly sweets but obviously always thought i couldn't have them! Thank you so much!!! :D
Can you let me know how they turn out!??
Oooo my mouth is watering already! Might have to brave the supermarket tommorow to get some squash!

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bottle or diet cola and let it go flat..
now all I need is to find a little bottle shaped ice cube tray... :)
Well they were very tasty but not at all the right texture, the vege-gel gives a soft wobbly set. Bit disappointing as I used double the recommended amount. I think i'll use 4 times the amount next time, I'm sure it'll work eventually!

I also tried the same recipe with leaf gelatin (as I heard it doesn't have the same horrible smell as powdered gelatin). It gave a much firmer set, but not chewy, so again, I'll try 4 times the recommended amount.

I read somewhere on this forum that adding gelatin to a pack of sugar free jelly works well, but I've been searching for a splenda based alternative as hartley's jelly has the same effect on me as baked beans! :p


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I used gelatin powder with sugar free jelly and it was yum but also tried vege gel in same way and it set but was pasty rather than jelly-like- yuk!

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