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Ideas needed for SW 'buffet' type Christmas Food!

Hi Everyone!!

My downfall at Christmas is 'buffet' food, it's not even like I go out to buffets, I just make my own all over the festive period!

But this year I want to swap the pork pies, sausage rolls, nuts and crisps etc for things low syn/syn free...

So far I have... Quorn sausages, fish sticks, chopped up veggies and salad, grapes and spiced potato wedges... but now I'm stuck!!

Any ideas anyone?? Would especially love some ideas for dips!! xx

P.S I'm doing Extra Easy!
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I have discovered a new SW favourite of mine at 0.5 syns each:


They are Tesco's 'Meat Free Chicken Style Nuggets' and if you didnt know, you would think they where chicken! In fact, i think they are better than some of the leading brand chicken dippers/nuggets because they seem to stay moist after cooking rather than drying out!

Hope this helps!!

You could make your own hummous (have seen a recipe somewhere on here), or make a sour cream-ish dip with low fat natural yogurt and chives.

I'm planning on having a go at making my own scotch eggs, with eggs and syn free sausage meat wrapped around them (and possibly some bread crumbs on the outside).
And another idea, you could make a frittata, then cut it up into smaller pieces for a cold buffet.

There are also pickled onions, chicken pieces, cold meats etc. And maybe some fruit sticks, or pieces of chopped up fruit on cocktail sticks.

I think the long plain breadsticks are only 1 syn each.

(Cripes, I'm feeling hungry now!)
There was a really nice recipe for chicken cake on here last year, made with chicken, low syn sausages and babybels. That's lovely cooked then cut into little bite size pieces. I'll see if I can find it.
cous cous salad, pasta salad, SW quiche


Just doing it this time
I love fat free nat yog with tikka powder mixed in as a dip for cucumber/carrots etc - lovely - or as a spread on meat on sandwiches.


Serial Foodie!
could make SW potato wedges as well. omg... and iceland do a GORGEOUS box of 20 BBQ chicken chunks for £2. its 2.5 syns for the entire box. Ainsley Harriot does nice couscous. another nice snack is a slice of lean ham with light philly cheese spread on it, then rolled around a gerkin.
Wow! Thanks for all the fabulous replies and links to recipes!! There's a lot there to keep me going... and I completely forgot about chicken drummers and pasta/rice salads DOH!!

The only thing I can't eat is eggs... I get a really bad headache if I eat egg as it is... but I can have it mixed with other things (so I can eat cake but not omelette!)

You guys are amazing!! If anyone else has ideas I'd really welcome them thanks!! xx
Sainsbury's Hot and Spicy pickled Shallots (very hot and spicy) - excellent syn free heat fix!
the ainsley herriot cous cous isn't syn free though... most "flavoured" versions aren't.. but you can but plain and add your own roast veg / spices / flavours..

prawns are nice mixed in with cous cous..
Mini SW quiches made in muffin trays are good!
Any ideas anyone?? Would especially love some ideas for dips!! xx
I made some dips at the weekend! They all start out as some fat free natural yogurt in bowls.

I added a teaspoon of mint sauce to one bowl. I added a teaspoon of red thai chilli paste to another (although red pesto would be just as good and would work out really low or no syns depending how much you ate). The third bowl was 2 cloves of garlic minced, and a sprinkle of dried mixed herbs.

I have to say, I enjoyed them all but the garlic one completely went! I was surprised since the raw garlic was pretty stinky but everyone seemed to enjoy it!
Lazy Emmylou's Skinny Tzatziki

  • 1 large tub total 0% greek yoghurt
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 4 celery sticks
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tsp very lazy garlic (obviously, you can use real, but I'm lazy!)
  • 2 tsp sugar-free mint sauce (you can add more/less if you want - do to taste)
  • Salt (to taste - I don't add any but I don't like salty stuff)
Relatively finely dice the cucumber, celery and onion (I tend to do "thick sandwich slice" pieces, cut into 6), put into bowl with yoghurt and garlic. Mix in mint sauce.

Keeps for 2 - 3 days in a tupperware in the fridge. Will need stirring before use, as it separates slighlty but that's just the yoghurt being yoghurt!


Mixed canapes

  • Ryvita minis (I use a variety of flavours - sweet chili and sour cream/chive are very good)
  • Extra Light Laughing Cow Triangles (or quark if you can get it, my supermarket doesn't stock it)
  • Smoked salmon/Finely sliced chicken (or turkey if it's leftover time!) or similar - depends on what you like
  • Assorted salad veggies.
Spread some cheese onto the minis - a nice think wodge (I use 1 triangle for 3 minis)
Pop a piece of smoked salmon or some cold meats on top (or not, if you prefer/are veggie).
Stick half a cherry tomato, a twisted slice of cucumber, half an olive, a chunk of celery on top of that, or at one end of the slice.

Et voila. Canapes for everyone!

(this one I particularly like because if you just have ONE bag of minis and 6 extra light laughing cows, it turns a HEA and a HEB into a nice, posh, but substantial snack)
Love the canape ideas, Emmylou - thank you! We are having a party soon and I was struggling to think of low-syn canapes. I shall put the Ryvita minis, etc on my shopping list.

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