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iew - eating = bloating

I'm gonna moan here......:mad:

I've been eating for a week now and my stomach is sooooo bloated I look like I'm preggers! (not possible my fella's in afghanistan since march lol).

I have been being really careful - did my re-feed as per the sheet and then have been replacing meals quite often with the maintenance stuff. If I'm peckish between I've had my protein bars (only one per snack) and the only bread I ever introduced back was low GI stuff that I'd made myself.:confused:

Today I've had a Lipotrim shake for breakfast, a maintenance bar for lunch and I'm currently having a protein bar.
I've had a couple if litres today too.
I went into the LT pharmacy today and they gave me some more maintenance stuff to get on with but the pharmacist wasn't there - I'm seeing him on monday.
I've also got some of that fibreclear stuff to see if it helps - I was getting rather "bunged up" TMI sorry.

I feel really demoralised by all this - I was so careful with my eating and continue to be careful. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle here. Not impressed, any advice/help pretty please :wave_cry:
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Oh and to top it all off I've put on 4lbs I think. I'm so so cross but will get pharmacist to help me nip this in the bud on Monday before I undo my good TRF work :sigh:


maintaining since June'09
Oh dear - poor you! :eek:

I can't understand this. If you've followed the refeed sheet to the absolute letter I don't know what's going on unless it IS to do with your bowels ... possible I suppose. What are the protein bars you mention? Though I can't imagine they could make that much difference whatever they are.

Main thing is - you've done so well, don't let this make you think 'what's the point' and go back to whatever you were doing before TFR!! There's no way you'll put all the weight back on without eating it!! That 4lbs can't possibly be fat either, it will be fluid, that's why your tummy's swollen.

Continue to be careful and see what the pharmacist has to say. I know it's disheartening but it's only temporary I promise - as long as you stay sensible!! Hang on in there! xx
I have IBS, whilst I was on TFR all symptoms of this disappeared, it was great. Now it seems that as soon as any food hit my lips the problems have started up again. I'm just going to have to be patient til I see the pharmacist again I suppose. I hope the fibreclear works.
The protein bars are Myoplex weight control/loss bars, they can be used as a snack or meal replacement if I need to (handy for work) so as far as I can see they are specially designed for this sort of thing.
I won't revert to bad eating habits, I've come too far to do that, but it's just frustrating. Thanks for the advice tho xx


maintaining since June'09
Yeah - just googled those bars they sound good!

Maybe it's just your intestines 'waking up' to food again. With you having IBS perhaps it's taking them a bit longer to readjust. Hopefully it'll all settle down for you soon.

You've done great ;) x
Thanks hun, I appreciate the support. Don't really want to discuss with my mates etc cause they'll just comment on weightgain as soon as I eat, but I think it's more complex than that. xx


maintaining since June'09
I'm sure it is .... as a 13month plus maintainer I can personally guarantee regaining is not inevitable!! x
:D good to hear - glad we've got people like you on here for our inspiration xx


maintaining since June'09
Ah thanks ;) . I'm not saying it's not hard work, but when I put a bit on it's because I've eaten too much .. simple as ... to get it off I have to eat less .... hard as it is it really is as simple as that when you get right down to it. Eating again after TFR is scarey though I remember it well! x
Well I've had two coffees (my mug's like a soup bowl) both with a heaped tspoon of fibreclear in it, it seems to be taking the swelling down a bit.
I've had some dried apple, an actual apple (lol) and a maintenance bar. Dunno if that's enough for one day: shake, 2 bars, protein bar, various apple. Was planning on a whip later but don't feel hungry so dunno if I'm just doing it for the sake of it. Including coffee I've prob had about 900 calories or something today.


maintaining since June'09
How come you've not had any proper food? After refeed you need to keep up with the food - that is the whole point, to get you back to a normal diet in the best way. If you go back on shakes and bars you'll have to refeed again ... won't you?
And 900 cals isn't enough hon. Closer to 1200 would be far more sensible and only that few if you want to lose more weight.

Sorry if I'm being a nag :eek: ;) xx
You're right Jan. I was thinking the same, I know I can't do this forever. It's just I know I've gained about 4lbs this week, I don't know if it's something I've done wrong (though as far as I can tell I did everything I was supposed to) or if it's the issue of my IBS making me bloated/bunged up (sorry tmi). I'm scared I go to get weighed on Monday and they freak/I freak out because it's all gone ar** up. I have to go to the in-laws to feed their dog, I've got a jacket potato/salad I can have with some chicken when I come home again, guess I should just do that.
I'm just being neurotic about this stray 4lbs, wanna make sure it doesn't increase to beyond a manageable amount iykwim?
I'm wondering if rather than food in general it's something specific that you have reacted to that's made you feel this way? :confused:

My advice, especially if you've been living off maintenance foods for a little while, would be to restart your refeed but spread it out a bit. Start with just a few food items and gradually add more, but each time you add something new wait a couple of days and see what happens.

If it's OK add the next thing on the list for your next meal, if you get the bloating etc then there's your answer. :)

PS if you are back on full carbs now your 4lbs is probably just water, don't panic. Do you have a way to measure your body fat? You can get scales that do it, or handheld monitors. Might be worth asking your pharmacist when you finally get to see him..........


maintaining since June'09
Yep - I know exactly what you mean but please remember it can't possibly be fat ... You'd have had to eat 14,000 calories over and above what your body needs to put on 4lbs of fat. It will be fluid and us girlies fluctuate with that from day to day anyway!
Can you maybe stick with days 4-7 of the refeed sheet till Monday at least? I think that would be sensible and can't do any harm. Just a suggestion x
Thanks girls for your suggestions. Yes, that's what I'll do, stick to the later part of the re-feed plan until Monday when hopefully they can give me a bit of clarity. I'm going to drink more water too cause I've let that slip a bit (not too bad tho). I have a feeling it's probably the carbs that have done it, I don't react too well to them at the best of times so this has probably just amplified the effect that they normally have on me. I'll continue to put all my meals on my diary and please feel free to comment (criticism also greatly received). I'll put a little extra on my diary to comment on the bloating situation - will help me keep track if there is a specific culprit.
Thanks again, you're great support xx


maintaining since June'09
Sounds like a plan .... support is what this place is all about :) x


Back to reality!
Hey hun,
Sorry to hear your having a tough time. The others have given you great advice. I do still get panicky about things sometimes but it will become normal again I promise :)
Take care
T x
Thank you everyone for your comments. They've been really, really helpful.
I think the problem was that I stuck religiously for the first 3 days, then just thought from day 4 onwards it's just sensible eating - which I really have tried to do, I've not been bad but I clearly have to stick to exactly what is stipulated. I've put my stuff on my refeed thread for my diary so feel free to take a gander and comment away! Thanks again, Jayne xx
Good luck with your refeed/maintenance. Fingers crossed for you that its just this week, with your body getting used to food again.

Try not to get too dis-heartened, I am sure the Pharmacy can come up with something for you.

You really do need to follow the re-feed exactly as it says though.

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