If drinking Soya Milk not Skimmed Milk, how much?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Dancing, 6 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    How much can I have .... I prefer to drink unsweetened soya milk so wonder if any CDCs know how much I can have (if able to have 1/2 pint skimmed milk)
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  3. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Poor dancing. you've posted a really good Q & no-one has replied yet.
    I don't know the answer but will try & find out.

    Do you happen to know the calorie & carb/sugar content of the unsweetened soy milk?
    If so it would be fairly easy to make an educated judgment by comparing it to Skimmed cow milk.
    The sweetened stuff is pretty well stuffed with sugar but as you don't use it then it's irrelevant.
  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    thanks for talking to me!

    per 100ml
    carbs: 0.1
    of which sugars: 0.1
    of which sat: 0.4
    fibre: 0.6

    i don't know nutr vals of skmd milk but I think soya may be better
  5. hotty25

    hotty25 Full Member

    cambridge VLCD
    sorry i dunno about the milk BUT what an amazing loss your inspirational xxx
  6. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Weight Watchers
    Hey Dancing,

    I have the sainsbury's own brand unsweetened soya milk it's about the same cals wise as skimmed moo juice but lower in carbs! Whilst on CD I had it in the same quantites as skimmed moo juice and it didn't do me any harm.
  7. Summerskye

    Summerskye Gold Member

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    Same here. I also use Sainsbury's own brand unsweetened soya milk and I use it in just the same way as skimmed 'moo juice' (I love that description by the way :)).

    I think it's probably the same calorific value, but lower in carbs - so all good :cool:
  8. jane

    jane Opinionated


    thanks Dobbie.
    Tbh I came back to this thread with a creeping sesnse of guilt, as I'd said I'd look it up & it's nearly midnight & I haven't had a chance (only just put my paint brush down-new CDC room in progress!) to do anything.
    If the cals are the same but it's virtually carb free (higher in protein instead I'd guess) then you have your answer. As a milk to use with a ketosis based regime it would have to be the milk of choice.

    It's effectively carb free. So...why don't I suggest it to those poor but not uncommon clients (usually shorter older women) who hate black tea but who tip out of ketosis easily with skimmed milk?

    I reckon it's high time I bought a carton & road tested it for flavour.

    I already recommend the use if Soya bran to clients who get badly constipated & don't like psyllium. It has much less carb & quite a bit more fibre than wheat bran & is also pleasant to eat!

    I tried to grow soya beans in my Veg plot last year. Eaten green as edamame they are supposed to be yummy,but couldn't even get the beasts to germinate. Maybe I shoiuld try again this year.
  9. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    this is what I suspected Jane - and I very nearly started using it during ss but I resisted. re the taste, it is perhaps an acquired taste. don't expect the tea/coffee to taste the same as it does with cow milk but give it a chance. I personally quite like the taste (although would NEVER drink a glass of soya milk on its own) and prefer it to cow milk in my hot drinks.

    oh, and I personally prefer the alpro organic unsweetened brand which is on the shelf with other long life milk. I've tried loads of others - most of which have many other ingredients other than the water and soya that my choice has. Coops one isn't bad either. I've never tried Sainsbury's own brand though
  10. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Huh, I'd never drink a glass of cows milk! just the smell turns me green.
    will try some soya in tea & coffee.
    Is it better or worse than UHT?
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