If eating was a big part of your weekend pre diet...

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  1. spf 40

    spf 40 Full Member

    What do you find yourself doing now to occupy your time over the weekend if you're doing SS?
    We would normally go for food out or to friends for dinner or cook delicious things ourselves. Oh, and the red wine! We went to cinema today and now watching The Voice with a bottle of fizzy water.
    Curious to what others do when SSing on a weekend.
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  3. Sallyharry

    Sallyharry New Member

    Good Thread! Weekends used to be my binge days but now I'm on a strict diet I struggle to keep my mind off the food and wine and cheese and crisps and chocolates and oops!
  4. Tyntyn

    Tyntyn Member

    Today has been a nightmare for me. I've even had to have an extra pack just to stop myself eating! Not even hungry! Dire I tell you.

    Really need to find a new hobby..
  5. jenm

    jenm Full Member

    Weekend for me used to be fri AND sat night watching tv, vodka, crisps, nuts, followed by a Sunday breakfast in bed, cappachino & toast, then a Sunday roast between the two of us consisting of enough food to feed a family.

    Today's been housework, more housework, fizzy water & a sneaky bit of chicken!
  6. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    It's horrible!! Me and hubby have a shared love of food. And going out for dinner is something that we like to do together. So that's totally out now.

    I started an evening course once a week in millinery so i use that to keep me occupied. Cleaning, reading, watching movies and minimins keeps me sane.
  7. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Silver Member

    My boyfriend is super supportive so it's very helpful. We're trying to find non food things to do on our weekends and in our spare time. Today we're going to a woodland trust walk, and alongside walks we're looking at going to the observatory, wildlife parks, theatre, cinema etc, and as the weight comes off it'll be more physical things like the dry ski slope, karting, stunt car driving etc. check out ******* and Living Social for good 'experience' days, there's so much to do that isn't food, and that list gets bigger as you get smaller. I can't wait to do physical challenge experience days without feeling embarrassed about my size! Shedding these pounds means shedding the self loathing and the desire to hide indoors. I'm mega excited.

    As well as stuff to do, I'm becoming more obsessed with my image, practicing make up in my bored times and looking at hairstyles on ********* etc. It fills my time and helps keep me motivated, I highly recommend it! I think self care is something I've been lacking for a while and have used food in it's place for too long.

    Also, I've done more cleaning. Not exactly fun but useful! Also it's highlighted how much I didn't care about anything, I used food as life anaesthetic, so now trying to prove to myself that life is actually with experiencing. It's a work in progress!
  8. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    That sounds really great. I'm hoping that as I lose weight I can start to do more physical things as well. I see ur going to Paris in 12 weeks! I love Paris. I want to go there again once I'm skinny! Go into all the nice shops without feeling so self conscious and be able to have the energy to roam the city endlessly. Ooooh I'm getting super jealous now! Good incentive tho!
  9. MrsD13

    MrsD13 Full Member

    Hi all, really good thread! This has been my first wkend and have found it quite hard emotionally. I hadn't realised just how much food was a part of our wkend and a form of treat for me and my hubbie after a busy working week. Ive tried to keep busy and slept a lot! Can't say I am particularly hungry (started 2nd time Cwp last wed) just want to graze out of habit. I have had pieces of ham and chicken, as I was feeling very sorry for myself while my hubbie had a take away last night.
    Little steps in the right direction though! Best of luck everyone x
  10. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    This is a great thread!!

    It is amazing how much food usually makes up our days and especially our weekends...

    Well this weekend I have spent a huge amount of time on mini's and chatting to my friend who's also just started back on cd!!

    I've been strong this weekend and hopefully each weekend here after will get easier..... ?
  11. spf 40

    spf 40 Full Member

    Thanks for all you replies guys, I love to know about the everyday nity gritty of other dieters actual realities.

    Im an old hand at this game now having done this already more than once with amazing and not so amazing loses. What I will do and have done on my previous attempts is accept that for me, life will be boring for a while, but always have my eyes on the prize. I will accept for this short period of my life my weekends are going to be dull. I said earlier in another thread,those 12 months or however long it takes will pass by anyway whether your on this diet or not. I can chose to be fat and 'unhappy' for those months or just unhappy for 12 months.

    Apart from all this 'accepting' I will mostly be doing on my weekends:

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]and browsing for home interior related goodness![/FONT]

    Not that bad I guess, now if I could just get a glass of red wine and some meatballs in tomato sauce to go with that...
  12. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    I worked on my hat this weekend, watched tv and a few movies. That's all. Now curled in bed with little kitty and some flavoured water. Is it just me or do you get more thirsty on this diet?
  13. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Ridiculously thirsty!!

    I drink pint, after pint of water and never seem full!!!

    Usually we get the majority if our water intake from food, so I suppose maybe that's why we feel we need so much of it!!!

    Gotta be careful though, as too much can actually be bad for you!!!
  14. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    Yeah I've heard that. I'm weird tho cos I'll be rly thirsty, drink then not drink for ages... So I still struggle most days to down 2 litres.

    Feeling headachy tonight so hopefully that's ketosis kicking in... I'm usually in it by the third morning. No ketosticks to check tomorrow tho.
  15. spf 40

    spf 40 Full Member

    So weekend has rolled round again, what are peeps up to today that doesn't involve eating? We're off to a museum (free of charge, yay!) and then off to a little coffee house for me to have a green tea (yay, calorie free!).
    What are you lot up to?
  16. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    I'm off for a pedicure and eyebrow wax. Then plan to chill for the rest of the weekend.
    Have a good weekend x
  17. MrsD13

    MrsD13 Full Member

    So far today I've baked an apple tart for my folks and bought stuff in preparation for making my nephews 1st bday cake-peppa pig :)
    Home now to make chicken and ham pie for my husband. Seemed to have gone foodie mad with cooking and baking all the time..more so since starting this diet!!
    After 2 bad days of picking at bread, cheese etc am back on track-doing SS but am having pieces if chicken for wick fix.
    Hope everyone is having a good day xxxx
  18. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    I had my gf visit me this weekend (shes not on CD) - so Friday night we went to Nandos (butterfly chicken breast with side salad and macho peas - didn't kick me out of ketosis, felt slightly guilty though!). Then Saturday, bit of a lie in and then a walk around the V&A Museum, then at night went to the cinema. Sunday morning actually went to the gym (felt very guilty about that Nandos) and then just had a relaxing day!

    I'm also used to eating/drinking a lot at the weekend, but as long as you keep busy I think you're OK. The thing is, any craving you have for "normal" food is purely psychological - you don't need that food, and you're not hungry. So I just keep that in my mind. It's just boredom eating, which is the worst kind! I'm actually looking forward to this weekend (obviously, it's still Monday now!) - going to chill, watch plenty of tv/films, maybe play some games, hit the gym, just relax!
  19. spf 40

    spf 40 Full Member

    As its the weekend I thought I would revive this thread. Since I'm doing ss+ things aren't nearly as unbearable as they were on weekends in January when I was doing ss.
    So this weekend have been out for huge coast line walk and meal out (albeit chicken and salad) and will be out today and to a party later. Feeling good and optimistic. What are you lot of former weekend food addicts up to?

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