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If you could choose a macho film to watch tonight...


Slow but sure....
What would it be?

I ask this because I have to sit through all the 'Die Hard' movies (all 4 of them) as my hubby wanted them recorded on Sky+.......so I have an evening of Bruce Willis planned.

Still I quite like Bruce and I adore Alan Rickman and he is in the first one, so not to bad I suppose.......there is nothing else worth watching on TV tonight that's for sure.

So what would you choose?
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Three Kings :D One of my fave films of all time... oooh or Snatch! Not sure which i'd choose out of them... It's a toughie! lol
If your looking for a film your OH will really appriciate, i suggest renting body of lies with leonardo d-caprio .. ( not only because hes hot) but its a fantastic film, acting is superb, but also quite grim at times so be warned..

If your looking for somthing for the both of you, i think Taken is a really good film (all though ending is ***** lol) me and OH both appriciated it



Slow but sure....
Oh we've got Taken, I'd forgotten about that - we shall have to watch it.

I can Leo Di Caprio anytime whatever film it is, so DH can watch the action and I'll watch Leo, LOL......enjoy your viewing everyone X
I'm rubbish with action films, but I remember watching "the last boy-scout" with hubby and enjoying it. I think that was what it was called anyway.


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I agree with Fern ~ Taken is a good film ~ I like Liam Neeson, something nice about him. I enjoyed Wanted too ~ we joined Lovefilm so there always seems to be an endless supply of films to watch. Enjoy Donnie xx


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Since now we're talking about hot men, I could watch "Cruel Intentions" a million times and never get bored of that guy... I can't even remember his name how bad!! Lol, ugh, shamefully cheesy film but I love it...x
All of the above, I love action movies, can add to that Crank (just don't take it too seriously) and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells - def one of my favourite films - oh and don't forget Blood Diamond - excellent film!
Oh I forgot about Crank!! I love it!!! I want to get up and watch films now! (Trying to get to sleep after my lo decided to wake at 11:45pm) X
They've made Crank 2 - its not out on DVD yet, should be soon, Ive added it to my wait list on LOVEfilm.com.

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