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If you could have one major blow-out without penalty...?

Got to thinking today. Bought some Asda sausage rolls - looked lovely and crispy (not for me I hasten to add) they are small ones in packs of nine. I was tempted, - just one won't hurt etc. - I knew one would lead to two etc.

So mind started to wander! If you could have one thing, just to cheat and get away with it - no guilt, no syns and best of all no gain! - what would it be - highlighting was you currently miss from the "bad old days" lol.

Mine would be mince and dumplings, several large fluffy beef suet-laden dumplings with mashed potato liberally creamed with too much Lurpak and full-fat milk - in fairness there would be peas and mashed swede (very healthy) - oh and then probably seconds! - steaming hot preferable as I walk in the door from work!!

Oh and a liberal wedge of Black Forest Gateaux - just to speed up the indigestion!!

What's yours?
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
Black forest gateaux yum yum been years since i've had that...

Mine would probably be victoria sponge or sweet & sour battered prawns from the chinese..,
Ooh where to start.....proper cauliflower cheese, homemade lasagne, big Indian with tikka masala, garlic naan bread, proper restaurant quality pizza (pizza hut doesn't count in my eyes lol), macaroni cheese with a big wedge of garlic bread......I'm starving!!!! :D

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Oooh I don't even do Slimming World but I saw this topic and loved it :D
I would have some Spare Ribs in BBQ Sauce from the Chinese followed by Special Fried Rice, Chips, Chicken Curry and House Special in Spiced Sauce. Hot and spicy Prawns all with Banana Fritters :D

Then for afters I would have a huge Strawberry Eton Mess - the nicest dessert in the entire world :D I'd also probs have some Blackforest Gateaux.

Not that I'd be able to fit all that in at once but oooh how I'd love to :p

ETA: Also got to have Pringles in every flavour, some Tesco onion rings, crisps and Milkybar fruit and biscuit or whatever it is :D Yum :p


Mini crazy cat lady

SF chicken and chips
Fray Bentos pie
Cherry pie and custard - nomnomnom

That's about it really, and two out of four can be altered for SW! The other two.....well, I can dream :D

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Oooh yes pizza....mmm :)
Ben and Jerries, and Cheesecake! Oooh and Mince Beef and Onions in Yorkshire Puddings mmmmmmmmmm :gimi:
PMSL at some of the posts. Reading back some of the answers, that was a bad, bad post to add.

Sorry if I got everyone going. I'm salivating reading it and had a very nice SW-style Chilli & rice.

Bit like packing in smoking for those of you who have. It is almost 10 years for me and that craving is still there! wonder if I still crave blowouts when I'm super-thin lol.


Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
You lot are making me hungry :D I'm going to have bangers and mash today for a little treat, not had anything really hot for ages now!

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