if you eat no carb foods on CD will you lose weight?


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i was just thinking, as this diet runs ketogenicely, what if when i want to start eating again, i only eat foods with little/no carbs in, a bit like the atkins, would i continue to stay in ketosis and lose weight?
the thought of juicy prawns in mayo and roast beef/ pork chops is tempting lol
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Yes you would, but probably not as quickly....I personally have issues with Atkins and the amount of fat you can have...but that is just me.

If you are really struggling why not have a week of SS+.



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Hi there, I have decided to do Atkins until after Christmas, too much going on and I can't focus. I have done it before and was successful, you don't have to have bacon and egg three times a day, like you said prawns and mayo with some green leaves, beef, steaks etc. Good luck


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I've taken my intake up to 1000cal plan so I could enjoy the festive period more. But I got on the scales this morning and have put on 2lbs since Sunday, well that scared me big time so I've gone back to SS+ - 3 food packs and a small 200cal meal of protein and green and white veg. I'm no where near ready to go up again even though it would stabilise - forget it!! No carbs for me only the porridge pack.

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I jump between CD and atkins quite regularly. If i have events and things i choose to eat low carb..... low carb doesn't have to mean high fat, there are so many options that are healthy. Fish, seafood, lean meats, eggs in moderation the list goes on.

I fully intend to eat low carb over xmas, that way i won't feel as though i am missing out. I must say that atkins helps me to maintain rather than lose, but that may be because my weight is already pretty low now.


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I started Cd three weeks ago and have been doing ss+, but as I have have meals out every weekend I have been having salmon, steak and prawns and have still managed to loose 17lb so think you can mix them as long as you are sensible and avoid the high fat.


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S: 21st5.8lb C: 20st1.5lb G: 11st11.3lb BMI: 44.1 Loss: 1st4.3lb(6.1%)
thanks everyone, i dont want to eat yet, im still sticking 100% SS i had a great loss this week so no way am i going to jepordise it, i was just wondering if i was really struggling one day and ate some prawns with 0 carbs in would it ruin the plan, but i guess not!! just there for back up thats all lol.


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As a general rule if you are going to eat, then keep it to no carbs so it doesn't interfere with ketosis.
I'm a big fan of the Atkins as I find it easy. But it is hard to keep it VLC like CD is.

I've asked this question myself a few times & most people maintain with one of the higher Atkins plans. I'll certainely be doing that once I get to goal.



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I have had at least one low carb meal out a week since I started and I have lost 3 and a half stone. However, I know it has led me to pick a bit more than I should and instead of it being a low carb meal when it would have seemed strange not to ie works night out or birthday meal, I have started to do low carb almost always on the weekend. I have lost quite a bit, but I know that others on here that keep to the plan 100% have lost more than 2 stone more than me! I have also found that my weight loss has slowed down now I am nearer to goal. I have always thought it hasnt done me any harm to include meat fish and prawns to cd...it has kept me sane! (but warnings! it can lead to picking).