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Ill - help :(


is going to do this!
Hey everyone.

Well I'm feeling really crappy today :( Last night I had a really upset stomach, which still feels ''sensitive'' (if that makes sense?) today.

I'm pretty sure it's because of a silly mistake. I saw a half empty bottle of water in the kitchen that had been there for a while, so asked my bf if he could fill it up for me whilst I got ready to go on a run, first time I've really exercised since starting CD, as I couldn't find my water bottle. I went out for a run, and when I drank it I thought it tasted funny, but assumed it was just because there were remains of old water round the mouth bit of the bottle or something. Anyway after about 15 minutes of going for a run I got this crippling stomach pain that was so bad I had to stop.
Turns out my bf thought I just wanted him to fill the water bottle up to the top and that it was fresh water in there, not realising I was asking him to get rid of the old water first! Not sure what this does to you but it certainly didn't feel good. It is the old water that was the problem, not the exercise, yes? :confused:

Oh and if that isn't enough, I've woken up with a horrible sore throat today and it's a nightmare to swallow. :cry: I don't want to take lozenges cos of the kcals, does anyone know what else I could take?

Furthermore, I've also been hungry today!? I don't know if I'm still in ketosis or not - I certainly haven't done anything differently, but I actually had a stomach craving not a head craving earlier on, only a few hours after having a shake and I hadn't been rushed off my feet or anything. Anyone know why this is?

And to top it ALL off, I'm totally exhausted, so so tired, barely have the energy to do anything. I feel completely drained. I hope I'm not coming down with something - perhaps it was because I went for a run?

Anyway, sorry, this turned into a moan and I shouldn't be negative on here! Just needed someone to rant to as I don't have anyone here, mum works abroad and sister is at uni, not seeing my bf for 3 and a half weeks cos of exams either :( Just feel rotten and wanted to whine about it lol.

I'm just going to curl up in a ball and relax, have a bath and wait for this horridness to be all over..... Oh wait, no I'm not, because I have exams in 2 weeks so I don't have time to do anything except revise!!!! :sigh:

Hope you're all getting on OK - and for people with WI's tonight, good luck xxx
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Sunshine Singer

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It could be a bug hun. There are so many bugs going around. Running at the moment is probably too much so early into the diet. Ask your chemist for diabetic throat stuff. Ultra cloraseptic spray is brilliant (not dibetic), get a soothing throat syrup but diabetic. These won't harm CD. Pain killers too, more water, all your shakes.

Poor you. I'm not very well either, it's very annoying.

I hope you're feeling better soon hun,

sorry it's a short post, i'll be back tho xxx


loving life
Hope you feel better soon -horrible nasty bugs. Zoe xx
I hope your feeling better soon, hopefully it'll only be a 24 hour thing. You shouldnt be out of ketosis if you've not done anything differently xx


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Big hugs for you from across the pond. Stick in there kiddo.
Why not go online and checkout People.com (or Heat magazine's website - my fave rag when I was living in London;)) for celeb bikini bodies and remind yourself you're closer to getting there!
Have an early night! xx
Aww Luci, big hugs hun.

It's not nice is it and you have so much going on with the exams and not having people around too much right now.:(

It will pass, but you really must take it easy. I had an upset tummy recently and for some reason it does seem to make you properly hungry.

I know you have exams, but you also need to get better. People recall things more effectively when they are in the same state in which they learnt them! So make sure you get yourself feeling better or you won't take stuff in anyway.

Maybe get an early night, keep up with the fluids, lots of paracetamol in case you're running a temperature. What is it with us on the ID challenge and getting ill!! xxx


is going to do this!
Thank you for your support everyone, you're all so lovely!

Sunshine Singer - I hoped it wouldn't be a bug! I've never heard of the things you mentioned but they certainly sound useful so I'll have a look for them! Thank you :) Diabetic throat soother is a good idea too, wouldn't have thought of that, thanks!

Zoe D - Thank you :( It is horrible!

Blossom - That's what I'm hoping, that by tomorrow I'll be OK. I certainly hope I'm not out of ketosis, it wouldn't really make sense if I were but who knows how these things work!

Binibikini - Thank you :D That's exactly what I'm going to do! "Thinspiration" hehe

Watergirl - Yeah it sucks :( I'm glad the hunger thing is normal tho, I was getting worried!
I didn't know that about the exam thing, haha thank you, you've given me an excuse not to revise! I'm going to drink an extra bit of water to help things along.
And I have no idea what's wrong with us all on the ID challenge lol, it's obviously spreading! Maybe it's like a "virus" cos you get them on computers... only it's more of a flu virus? haha.

Thanks again everyone! I'm going to have a rest :) xxxx
It came up in psychology relating to 'learning' in cognitive psychology if you're interested!

A good example is when you forget a drunken evening when you're sober, but as soon as you have another drink you can recall some things from that evening.

I think there have also been studies that disprove state dependent learning, but I've always thought that it makes sense :)

So it's good to learn in exam type conditions - sitting at desk, quiet, nothing to distract.

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