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Ill on Milk Week


I started Milk week on Tuesday. By the end of Tuesday I was feeling quite bloated - my loose pants were feeling firm! I figured this was just me getting used to it. Wednesday was the same until the end of the day when I felt really nauseous and then threw up :(

I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I have not had milk today and although still a teensy bit bloated it is no where near as bad - and I am not feeling ill either.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I really had intended to do Milk week properly, but this has thrown me.


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whats milk week? x
Milk week is where you replace the water that you use to make your shakes / Soups with low fat milk. It moves you from a VLCD to a LCD for just one week. It is put in place by NICE to regulate your calorie intake. You are not supposed to be on a VLCD for more than 12 weeks at one time. So Milk Week is a break so you can go back to being on a VLCD.

(That's it in a nutshell) :)



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ah i see, thanks, interesting, cos i was wondering what people do if after 12 weeks they want to carry on with the VLCD rather than going on to maintenance. I have my first meeting tonight, so am rather new to all this lol x


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hi there
i had my milk in a shake and found it horrible so just drank mine in coffee and on its own - which they don't recommend, but i still lost 2lb.

i would try and stick with it if you can - i def felt better at the end of the week
daisy x
As BL said, it could be that you actually have an intolerance to dairy - putting milk in the shakes alone definately shouldn't make you ill.

Ask your LLC for advice, you could get your doctor to test you for allergies etc to be sure!

I have talked to my LLC. She has told me to stop taking milk. Apparently some people do react - it is not common - but not that uncommon either.

It is either an allergy as BL suggested, or it is simply that my body is not used to the fat. Even though I have been using Semi-skimmed milk.

My LLC has told me to either switch to Soya Milk, or come off milk altogether, she was more in favour of stopping the milk. So that is what I have done.

Thanks for your answers!

Milk week

was only introduced last year, before that people just continued in abstinence until they reached their goal weight. I decided not to do milkk week because I didn't want to rock the boat. Others did do it and were fine.

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