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Ilovelife pregnancy food diary


Wishing and hoping!
Well today I have decided to write out on here what I have everyday. I am trying to ween myself of sweeteners as they are good for me at moment. Also constant bloody starving so mainly doing green to stop cravings of naughty munchies.


A - 250 ML Semi Skinned Milk
A- 250 ML Semi Skinned Milk
B - WW wholemeal bread
B - WW wholemeal bread

Free food

Mushie peas, potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, rice, NAS squash, tea, x2 muller light yogurts.

SYNS - total 15 :)

4.5 french fries
3 tomatoe sauce
2 1 slice of ww bread
0.5 - savory rice
3 extra light flora
2 cadburies light hot chocolate
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Wishing and hoping!
Lat couble of days I have been totally off track, oops moving and lack of planning. But back on 100% today, yay!

Thursday 2nd September 2010 - Green

A- Milk 250ml
A - Milk 250ml
B - x2 wholemeal bread
B- ?

Free Food

Bananna, Yogurt, Baked Beans, tobasco sauce, Tomatoes, garlic, sweet potatoe, rice.


French fries - 4.5
Flavoured rice - 1
flora e.l - 1.5
hightlight orange hot chocolate - 2
twix finger - ?
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Wishing and hoping!
Friday 3rd September 2010 - EE


A - Milk
B - X2 wholemeal bread

Free Food

Pasta, toms, onion, garlic, red beans, mixed herbs, oregano, black eyed beans, pasta, baked beans, turkey, rice, curry powder, low fat natural yogurt, spinage, can of tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet pepper, grapes.

Syns = 8
Desicated cocunut - 1/2tbsps - 2.5
Hightlights hot orange chocolate - 2
Wholemeal bread - 2
Extra light Flora - 1.5
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