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i'm a CD newbie :)

Hi,:wave_cry: i am on my second day of step 1 of the sole source plus diet, i am on this for 2 weeks.
3 shakes, 1 soup and a piece of chicken.
i work in an office and have been splitting the sachets to get 6 shakes instead of 3, although im still getting hungry :sigh: im drinking lots of water and trying to keep myself busy and waiting for the hunger to pass, im looking forward to getting home and having the soup and chicken.
how did the first week go for you?
is there anyone else who has just started the diet?
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Stay strong Beth (I presume!?)... the first few days are really hard because your body is still expecting the same amount of calories per day it is used too.

After say 3 or 4 days your body will then think that all its getting is the 800 kls or whatever and will adjust accordinly and begin burning the fat for extra energy. You will not feel hungry then. If you are feeling hubngry in the first few days just glug glug glug that water :)

PS. I am on day 10 SS so all that is still very fresh in my memory!

Good luck!
Hi, thanks for the support.
i think the hard part could be the weekend.
me and my bf usually get a takeaway, but he is cooking for himself so i dont feel the urge to have a little taste of his dinner lol :)


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Hi there i am now on day 6 ss.
I was ok on day one. Day 2 I woke up with a really bad head - so increased water intake. I was ok over the weekend but felt weak and when i was due to have a shake i felt light headed until I had it. Stomach felt empty and gurgled like mad and had a constant fuzzy head. Today i feel absolutely normal no hunger no gurglin no fuzziness. I am drinkin 4 plus litres which is amazin as prior to this i probably didn't manage one litre a day.
I have 3 shakes per day some hot some cold, no food. I didn't bother halfin them.
My OH and mom and dad also started with me so we are lucky we keep each other motivated.
Good luck x
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Hi i'm on SS (three sachets a day) this is my eigth day, got my weigh in this afternoon. I've been fine on it so far, but alot of people do seem to struggle in the first few days but after that they are fine and full of energy, think you've just got to try and stick with it. I'm not hungry at all, but I made the mistake of reading through a vegetarian cookbook yesterday at work, and my god I can't stop thinking about scrambled egg on toast now, it just looked so yummy on the picture!!!it's mad what you start craving!:D must stay strong!!
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I'm on day 3 and have coped with drinking lots of water. Went to pub with m8s last night and drank pints of soda water!! Cant stand the soups but love the choc/mint shake. feeling very motivated by everyones stories so here's to thinner us!! x
Linznel makes a good point. At times on this diet you will inevitably have moments when you may feel light-headed or a bit weak or perhaps just a bit depressed. I had one of them moments last night - started thinking about introducing a meal from breakfast this morning!

I woke up this morning and feel great physically and mentally for not cheating. It would have been so easy to have had some toast or something and blame it on me feeling weak... I didnt and I feel great today.

No-one said it will be easy but a sacrafice a few weeks of your regular life and it will change the rest of your life.


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Just a note about soda water - My mom normally drinks loads of soda water but my cdc who is also a trained nutritionist said she shouldn't drink too much, I think she said due to the high sodium level.
I stick to boring tap water - I would love an orange luzcozade mmm.
in reply to willbesize10, it is wierd what you crave, i work in an office taking orders for frozen meals for elderley people, and im finding myself wanting the meals i dont like. i also really want an omelette. lol
ive got my 1.5 ltr bottle of water, and im almost half way through it.
i think that the thought of being slimmer in 2 weeks time is really helping me stick to this diet.
ive tried so many diets before where its been so easy for me to give up because i didnt see results.
also other diets dont really give you the option to lose the weight quickly and then to put your own diet together at the end.
most expect you to stick to the diet you have been doing to lose the weight.
lol cravings... yep, I know what you mean.

Whenever i see something I am really tempted by I add it to my list. Once I am off this diet I can eat my way through the list!

Strange the stuff I have on it though...

  • Hard boiled egg!!!
  • Battered sausage
  • Bernard Matthews chicken drummers!
  • Prawn baguette
Not all at once mind!
the only thing that stood out in that list to me was the hard boiled egg. i didnt used to eat egg until last year, i didnt think i liked it, and then i tried it. and now i just want eggs lol


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I fancy chicken drummers with mashed potato and beans - guilty pleasures - dont tell anyone !
But i'll just have a shake
i want bread too lol. havent had chicken drummers since i was little. and i looooooove mashed potato and beans.
this is why im on this diet lol i love food too much, im hoping that apart from losing the weight, that i can control my eating habits better, not eating just because im bored and eating because im actually hungry.
im in wickford.
I am from Chelmsford - just moved up North last year.

When I am off this diet I am going to be sooo good at cutting right down on my bread - I alwatys have bread with everythign. Especially garlic bread!


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S: 13st12lb C: 13st3lb G: 12st7lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.64%)
Its amazin what i have learnt about myself this week
Every social event revolves around food
When I think of a treat or reward i think food
I thought nothin of payin £20 on a takeaway but thought the price of goin to the cinema is a waste of money
I thought the main thing about holidays and stayin in a hotel was the restaurant
Times are a changin - for the good.
i agree, everything revolves around food. i got an invite to a conference last week, and instead of it just being a meeting, it was a 4 course meal.
doesnt take a lot to realise why people are getting bigger each year

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