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i'm a celebrity


Loves Norman Reedus
Cant believe there isnt a thread on this (unless i cant find it :eek:)
Did anyone watch it last night.
I thought that Gillian was totally fake. She didnt start screaming until Lembit rang the bell and she wasnt even shaking with fear and she wasnt even pale when she "fainted twice".
The American girl made me laugh when Gillian had said about she nearly drowned and she said "but you arent even wet".
Once again, great tv.
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I love it!!!
Gillian is going to get all the challenges and the girls are going to end up both hating her and starving!
Shaun Ryder is hilarious, as is Linford Christie.
Utterly compelling car crash tele!


Loves Norman Reedus
Defintely. I turned over to watch the ITV2 show, but missed the beginning but i think that Joe Swash was saying that he thought that Gillian was fake, (shock horror).
Linford is hilarious. He really steamed into Lembit (yuck)
and yes Shaun is great. Loved Ant and Dec's comment about him sleeping a lot because he was awake for most of the 90's.
Great TV.
i love stacey ... she is sooooo funny! i really think she is a good addition to the jungle this year

however no1 will ever be better than Gino in my eyes :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
"i have a massive fear of any insects so ill tell you what ill do, ill go on im a celebrity"

that about sums up the stupidity of gillians decision. Im really not liking her.
i dont like her in general .... give her a massive piece of poop to sift through and its no probs ... give her a spider to look at and she will pee her pants and faint lol


Loves Norman Reedus
gillian is so fake. and she is a crap liar as she kept forgetting what she had said.
and i wish that she would stop with the Katie Price bashing "i am sure that Katie Price didnt stay in here all night, i am sure that she stayed in the hotel".


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
haha no i dont like her in general but this just pours petrol onto the bonfire...
I'm no fan of Gillian and never have been, but I was watching Lorraine this morning and it was said she was involved in an accident last year in which she nearly drowned and once the water started coming in the crate is when she started to freak out.

I thought she was dealing with the rats ok she was undoing the locks and everything, that was until she felt the water on her.

So I can see how that may have freaked her but as for the rest of the creepy crawler phobia give it a rest :D
no water came into the box she was in though ???
i see i see


is taking a scenic route
I love this show every year- Gillian is just so daft going on the show with her fears of insects- how on earth did she the pass the psych test??, I think Lynford Christie is gonna be a laugh, Stacey cracks me up shes so funny, no one else has really struck me yet. Shauns in the trial tonight so will be good to see how he handles things- he didn't get much of a chance on the first show to prove anything.


Now to maintain.....
i love,love,love this show and watch every year.
ive always really,really hated linford christie so its doing nothing for me that he's in there,lol.
Gillian...omg...get her out now,shes faking and ruining it.
so far i like stacey best and i think its been hilarious with lembit opik and nigel havers.


Loves Norman Reedus
read in the paper that two more "celebrities" are going in. So that must be Alison Hammond and Ainsley Harriott, also ITV are in contact with another "celebrity" in London.


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
I hate Gillian McKeith too, I think she has just seen the £ signs, the silly poo sifter :p!!!

I LOVE Stacey, I think she's so funny, Shaun Ryder is quite funny too, None of the others really bother me although I do think that Nigel Havers is such a luvvy, you can tell he's been an actor for many years!

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