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im about to binge please help!


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don't binge chick... if you read my post last night... i seriously binged and i was sooo upset that i was nearly throwing it all back up or considering some laxatives...

don't do it chick... you are doing amazing... have some more water incase you are thirsty...

otherwise, i suggest go and brush your teeth, it really does help!


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if you HAVE to have something have some cucumber - but think to yourself, you dont really need it.

be strong!!!

you can do it!!

go and brush your teeth, that always puts me off wanting to eat!! x
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ive had a glass of water and a fag :( lol i know ill feel better tomorrow so im gonna go to bed soon me thinks and run past the kitchen x

Good plan, run fast and don't look right or left. Well done for resisting, bed is definately the best option and think how proud you will feel when you wake up in the morning


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hi babes, i found that black coffee with an extra splenda helped whenever i had hunger pangs in the first 3 days of ssing, I would drink it slowly and then have a glass of water, that would immediately fill me up or try finding a nice movie, reading a book, having a long bath, washing your hair, just do anything the hunger pang will go as long as you are not thinking about it. good luck, hope this helps...


Fab & Fit For Florida
yep totally agree with the black coffee and splenda... seriously helping me through the next few days x
get yourself some chewing gum!


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How did you get on hun? Hope you resisted the tempations?


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Hope you managed to resist the temptations hun :)
hellooo i did indeed manage to resist i was so chuffed! and i woke up this morning feeling goooood :] thank you all for our support it really does make a huge difference xxx


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Another one for future temptation. When you are about to binge.

Go upstairs and put on the smallest item of clothing in your wardrobe - whatever it is that fits badly doesn't do up, and makes you look like an old sack.

Put it on and do it up to the best of your ability. Look at yourself in a full length mirror. If you still want to binge, go downstairs wearing that garment and have your binge.

Or not, as the case may be.....


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Well done for avoiding it. Thats usually the end of week 2 of any diet for me, I just think sod it!
You won't regret it in the long run, when you reach goal. I think it helps to be able to tell people as well, so your posting here was a great idea, it almost helps to rationalise it.